BUG Calls For Support as New Proposal May Improve Centenary Cycleway Access

The Brisbane West Bug is enthusiastic over the development application submitted by Westpoint Autos on Sinnamon Road in Jindalee. The development could provide cyclists with better bicycle access and improve the safety of riders.

Photo credit: Chris Cox for South West Brisbane

Chris Cox, BUG’s spokesman has said that the bicycle access to the Centenary Bikeway via Sinnamon Road is troublesome during peak hours with vehicles blocking the path.

Should this new development be approved, a new bridge will be built across Jindalee Ck for site access. The cycling group thinks that this is a great opportunity to include an off-road cycle way connected to that bridge that links to the Centenary Bikeway.

The site is zoned as sports and recreation, which means that it must be re-zoned as commercial use hence needing public consultation.

The group has already put in a submission. An excerpt:

“(We) request additional requirements added to this development that any new bridge to provide access to the development site must provide off road cycle access to connect to the Centenary Cycleway and signals located at Sinnamon Road/Centenary Highway intersection, avoiding the current conflict situation with general traffic on Sinnamon Road.”

They also submitted a photo of the site that includes their cycle path suggestion, which they posted on their Facebook page.

Photo of the site from above and a vague suggestion of where a cyclepath could be put through. Photo credit: Brisbane West Bug / Facebook

The group thinks this is the perfect opportunity for the local cyclists to lodge a submission via the PD Online website before it closes on 7 February.