Join This Colourful Run at Seventeen Mile Rocks and Help Charleville Farming Community

Want to do something fun yet worthwhile for the community? Call your family and friends and gather for the 4074 the Farmers Colour Explosion in Seventeen Mile Rocks this month.

Hosted by 4074 Community and Beyond in conjunction with Australian Fundraising, the colourful event will take place on the Rocks Riverside Park at 5 Counihan Road, Seventeen Mile Rocks on 28 April 2019 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The Colour Explosion is a traditional run with a fun and colourful twist. Participants will be drenched in non-toxic colour powder across seven colour powder stations.

There will be markets, food trucks and the sausage sizzle by the Rotary Jindalee, so come along, have fun, and raise funds for the community.

Ticket costs $15 for adults or participants who are 16 years old and above and only $10 for children, or participants ages 1-15.

Australian Fundraising has been helping groups raise funds since 1995 and has hosted big fun run events like the School Run 4 Fun and the Run 4 Fun Colour Explosion.

All of the proceeds will go to Rotary Charleville to help the Charleville farming community.

New South Wales and Queensland farmers are dealing with drought conditions and cannot produce enough food to feed the animals. Fundraising campaigns like this can help pay for the cost of keeping animals alive.

Since 2014, Rotary has helped rural western Queensland communities hit hard by the drought through the Rotary Drought Relief Program. Over $1M has been raised to date, in partnership with a variety of private, non-profit, and corporate sponsors.

Rotary’s program uses a ‘whole of community’ approach and is completely run by volunteers and does not incur any overhead or administrative expenses.