Meet the Next Generation of Dance Superstars from Centenary Dance Academy in Sumner

In Sumner, the Centenary Dance Academy is nurturing the next generation of dance superstars. Dance teachers have identified several standout students who are poised to make significant impacts on the dance world.

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Here are five young dancers from the Sumner dance school who are turning heads and winning hearts with their exceptional talent and dedication.

Nadine Mae Cabrera, 13

Photo credit: Centenary Dance Academy/Facebook 

Nadine Mae Cabrera’s name is synonymous with excellence in dance. At just 13, she has already achieved remarkable feats, including winning the prestigious Jacqueline Morland Awards from the Royal Academy of Dance. 

Her trophy cabinet is brimming with accolades from local dance eisteddfods, where she has shone both as a solo performer and as part of a group. Nadine’s talent was also showcased on a grand stage at the Ballet International Gala in Brisbane. Just recently, she was named as one of the eight finalists for the BPAC Intermediate Ballet Scholarship.

Her love for dance is evident in her passionate performances, where she embraces the freedom and joy that dancing brings.

Ashley Chen, 10

Photo credit: Centenary Dance Academy/Facebook 

Ashley Chen has been dancing since she was two years old, mastering ballet, lyrical, tap, and jazz at Centenary Dance Academy. Her dedication has paid off with numerous awards at various eisteddfods, including a first and third place at a national competition. 

Next January, she will be gracing the stage at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre as Snow White with Ballet Theatre Queensland. Ashley’s meticulous attention to detail in class translates beautifully on stage, where she thrives on the challenge of perfecting her craft.

Malcolm Doyle, 9

Photo credit: Centenary Dance Academy/Facebook 

Malcolm Doyle’s dancing prowess has earned him acceptance into four prestigious international ballet schools, with three offering him full tuition scholarships. Competing in eisteddfods across Brisbane, Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast, Malcolm consistently takes home first-place awards. 

His talent has also been featured in performances of Sleeping Beauty with the Queensland Ballet Company and Ballet Theatre Queensland. Malcolm finds joy and fulfilment in the expressive and challenging nature of dance, working hard to achieve his goals and savouring the happiness it brings.

Alexia Henderson, 10

Photo credit: Centenary Dance Academy/Facebook 

Alexia Henderson is another promising young talent at Centenary Dance Academy. She excels in ballet, lyrical, and jazz, earning accolades at multiple Ipswich eisteddfods. Alexia’s enthusiasm for dance is fueled by the camaraderie with her friends in class and the exhilarating experience of performing on stage. Her passion and dedication are evident in every performance, making her a dancer to watch.

Kayla York, 16

Photo credit: Centenary Dance Academy/Facebook 

At 16, Kayla York is already a seasoned performer and an emerging dance educator. She has achieved a Certificate III in Dance and is currently pursuing a Certificate IV in Dance at RAW Dance Company. 

Alongside her studies in ballet and jazz, Kayla also serves as an assistant teacher at Centenary Dance Academy. She finds immense joy in the storytelling aspect of dance, relishing the challenge of mastering new steps and perfecting her routines. Kayla’s commitment to dance and her ability to inspire others make her a standout in her field.

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These five rising stars from Centenary Dance Academy in Sumner embody the passion, dedication, and talent that define future dance superstars. As they continue to hone their skills and chase their dreams, they are sure to leave an indelible mark on the world of dance.

Published 9-June-2024