Police Encourage Businesses in Centenary to Seal Power Supply Boxes

The Queensland Police Service is encouraging businesses in Centenary, especially cafes and restaurants, to double up on security measures as break-ins and attempted break-ins increase in this pandemic.

In a message posted on the official site, Senior Constable Bree Macdonald said that reports of break-ins happen outside business hours. Apparently, the thieves cut off the establishment’s power to shut down any installed electrical security systems.

The constable recommends securing the power supply boxes with an Energex lock

“Padlocks and other types of standard locks can be supplied by these locksmiths to match Energex reading system. The locksmith will provide a lock that has an individual key and only you and Energex can access this lock,” Ms Macdonald said. 

Photo Credit: Queensland Police Services

The police also shared tips for businesses to maintain security. According to Ms Macdonald, it’s important for cafes and restaurants to have “clear visibility both inside and outside your business environment.”

All doors must have deadlocks and deadbolts, whilst windows must be reinforced with  “shatter-resistant film or laminated glass.”

As much possible, businesses that use safe boxes must have these anchored on walls or floors and kept locked at all times. 

Tip jars must be off the view, whilst the point of sales areas, as well as entries and exits should have security cameras installed.

All cameras and alarm systems will need to be tested regularly as well.

For businesses that require help, including a security audit, phone 31317381. For active crime prevention, the police also encourage reporting crimes online