Jindalee State School Fete: A Fun-Filled Event To Help Improve The School’s Facilities

On 25 August from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., be a part of the Jindalee State School Fete (Myths & Legends) and help raise funds to improve the school playground.

This year’s fete will help fund the new Junior playground, which the school hopes will be installed and ready for use by mid-term 4 of this year. Following the playground project, funds from the fete will also be used to upgrade the school frontage from the administration building to the bottom single pedestrian gate on Burrendah Road.

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Enjoy a fun-filled event at the fete as there be a lot of stalls such as ARB Jindalee, ATM2Go, Clowning Around and many more. Click here to see the stall holders this year.

Expect heaps of activities for adults and children to enjoy. Have fun at the entertaining rides such as the Dodgem Cars, Miami Trip, and Wipeout.

Click here for the program schedule.

Address: 114 Burrendah Road, Jindalee QLD 4074

Jindalee State School Holds Jungle Theme For this Year’s Fete

Jindalee State School is hosting its annual fete and this year’s Jungle theme will definitely get you into the Tarzan and Jane spirit of things.

On the 26th of August from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., swing from tree to tree as you hop on from one ride to another, one stall to another, whilst rummaging through some great finds at this year’s “trash n’ treasure.” There’s so much to discover and so much in store for visitors this year.

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Lat year was the school’s 50th year. Now, a year past the mid-century mark, the fete celebrates all the reasons why “past-50” is the new nifty!

A fete wouldn’t be complete without amazing rides. In the Centenary, the school is known to have the biggest fete and the cheapest rides among the other suburbs. So hop on the Tea Cups or enjoy the Pony Rides with your kids. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, there’s room for you on the Wild Octopus’ tentacles. You can now book your all-day rides pass here.

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Live musical performances from the students are sure to get everyone’s spirits up. Local performance groups such as The Ritz Performing Arts Centre, Queensland Cheer Elite and the Jindalee Jazz Orchestra will also be there.

Photo credit: Jindalee State School Fete / Facebook

As always, great finds and good bargains are to be had at the stalls, where books, plants and other hidden treasures await.

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All the activity is bound to get one famished. Rows and rows of food and drinks stalls will be serving a bountiful spread of goodies, from BBQ, pizza to sweet treats.

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End the day with a bang and watch the much-awaited fireworks display.

Photo credit: Jindalee State School Fete / Facebook

Entry to the event is free.

All Roads Lead to Inala Dental Clinic After Jindalee School Dental Clinic Closes

The Jindalee School Dental Clinic has decided to close its doors following the recent maintenance issue involving the air conditioning system in January. Due to the air conditioning failure, the clinic wasn’t able to reopen until the unit was replaced.

According to Metro South Health acting chief executive Robert Mackway-Jones, the maintenance issues caused by the recent air conditioning unit failure as well as the replacement were too costly for a clinic that wasn’t being used at full capacity. In fact, the clinic only opens six months per year.

Since 2015, only a total of 2,337 children had appointments at the dental clinic. It was also recorded that most of the families in the suburb prefer to set appointments at the Inala Dental Clinic because of its better facilities and longer opening hours.

The closure may seem like a sound decision when viewed from a business perspective but some people weren’t happy with this decision. According to Tarnya Smith, a Mt Ommaney state LNP MP, the community wasn’t consulted about this. Ms Smith said that the dental clinic has been providing services for 30 years. It has become an institution in the community. She expressed disappointment that the dental clinic did not consult the local community prior to closure.

However, Mr Mackway-Jones denied that they neglected to consult the community. He said that they have discussions with the school community and patients about the planned closure.

The closing of the dental clinic means that patients from Jindalee, Jamboree, and Middle Park state schools to travel further for their dental appointments. The Inala Dental Clinic seems to be a popular alternative choice. To know if your child if eligible for free dental care at this clinic, you can click here.