Just Poppy’s Slowly But Surely Getting Back on Their Feet in Riverhills

Recognized as Brisbane’s Best in 2011 by the Brisbane Times, Just Poppy’s in Riverhills has endured challenging times to reach the level of success that they are in right now.

Photo credit: Just Poppy’s / Facebook

Owners Marc Green and Poppy Eugeniou offer 69 types of burgers. Former owners of a convenience store in Red Hill, the couple decided to start their own burger joint when they realised that their focus is slowly shifting to food and customers are responding well to it. Their burgers started getting attention, urging them to move to a new location and put up a burger place.

In 2009, Just Poppy’s was established. Their burgers’ popularity took the owners by surprise. They know that their burgers are good but they didn’t expect the influx of customers due to their location. Nevertheless, customers from various suburbs in Brisbane have been coming through their doors, with some even coming from the Gold Coast regularly. Indeed, the burger shop has become quite a popular institution.

Photo credit: Just Poppy’s / Facebook

However, it hasn’t been a smooth ride. When the 2011 floods hit, their burger place was submerged in flood waters, ruining their equipment. Even last year, five years hence, the owners admitted that they are still getting back on their feet.

Fortunately for them, because of their popularity, many residents have helped them to recover. Ten weeks after the flood, the restaurant opened its doors again and they were surprised to see a line of people down the street. Some local kids also set up a Facebook page, which is now defunct, called “Friends of Just Poppy’s” for support.

Today, the burger joint continues to flip amazingly good and juicy burgers that will have you coming back for more.