What to Expect from the Jindalee Village Precinct Project

Locals will soon enjoy a more vibrant neighbourhood shopping precinct on Curragundi Road, Jindalee now that the construction for the Jindalee Village Precinct Project is ongoing and nearing its completion.

With the Jindalee Village Precinct Project, there will be a realignment of existing pedestrian crossings, adding cautionary tactile paving to existing kerb ramps where possible and reconstructing existing ramps to improve accessibility.

There will also be upgrades to the footpath for improved accessibility, maintenance and visual amenity. Residents would also see more trees, that will provide shade in the area whilst improving the precinct’s visual and physical amenity.

Other improvements include ground cover plantings to new and existing garden beds, standard street furniture and unique seating.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said the delivery of new street furniture such as seating, bins, bike racks and drinking fountains as well as upgrading footpaths can dramatically change the accessibility and feel of a local shopping street.

“Combine that with new trees and gardens, public art and community events and a suburban shopping street can be transformed into a popular and welcoming high street for residents and visitors to enjoy,” Cr Quirk said.

The Brisbane City Council worked with local residents and business owners through a project launch to find out what they want and the amenities they need for their local area.

The BCC committed $450,000 to the improvement project which aims to enhance the amenity, connectivity and safety for locals and residents, contribute to and encourage local economic development and the community’s sense of place at the neighbourhood centre.

“We have already seen significant improvements to the public realms at Chermside and New Farm and now Council is getting on with creating liveable places and welcoming neighbourhood centres for the local community and visitors to enjoy elsewhere across the city,” Cr Quirk added.

Depending on weather and site conditions, the construction for the Jindalee Village Precinct Project should be complete by April 2019.

The Council said local residents and businesses will be invited to an activation event to celebrate the completion of the project and also promote the upgraded neighbourhood centre. More information will be provided in the coming months.

Inala Homes to Get Up to $50,000 of Home Upgrades for Flood-Resilience

Homeowners in Inala and Rosalie may take advantage of up to $50,000 funding for home upgrades as part of the Council’s $12 million Flood Resilient Homes program.

As part of the 2018-2019 Budget, the Flood Resilient Homes program aims to reduce the impact of flooding and assist in the fast recovery of residents affected by the flood.

“The new Flood Resilient Homes program will be a two-part scheme, with households first receiving a free in-home professional flood-risk assessment, to provide tailored information about how a property’s flood immunity could be boosted,” Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said.

Photo credit: CC0 Public Domain / Max Pixel

“Council will then offer eligible home-owners access to flood-resilient property upgrades, including retrofitting flood-resilient flooring and walls, relocation of electrics and services, as well as raising the level of timber homes.”

Cr Quirk said that the $12 million flood resilience program, which will be delivered over four years, is part of a commitment to ensure that the city has the services and infrastructure to meet the needs of the next generations.

“The owners of more than 220 houses in Rosalie and Inala North will be the first to benefit from the Flood Resilient Homes program, which has been developed in consultation with industry groups including the Insurance Council of Australia, Suncorp, Master Builders and Master Electricians,” he said.

Photo credit: Rae Allen/Wikimedia Commons

Residential properties that are at risk of being flooded one in every two years due to flash flooding in the two pilot precincts will hugely benefit from this program.

In the Council’s Annual Plan and Budget 2018-2019, a funding of $105.3 million is allocated for flood resilience under the $630.3 million budget to keep Brisbane clean, green and sustainable.

The program will offer huge benefits to residents of Inala since the suburb was amongst the places that experienced extreme flooding in 2011.

Council’s sustainability agency, CitySmart, will contact eligible residents in Rosalie and Inala in coming months to register for the Flood Resilient Homes program.