Upgraded Darra Park Boasts Suburb’s First Public Toilet

Residents in Darra and the Centenary suburbs welcome the upgrade of the Ducie Street Park in Darra as it incorporates facilities that the community has been demanding.

While the Darra park has a new playground inaugurated on April 29, the community is much happier about the provision of a public toilet facility, which happens to be the only stand-alone public toilet in Darra.

Councillor Matthew Bourke (Jamboree Ward) had consulted residents in the area to get their wish list for the suburb. One of the top requests of the community is the inclusion of a public toilet block at Ducie St Park.

Locals have been complaining about the lack of public toilets in the suburb. The only toilets for public use were at the train station and the shopping mall on Monier Rd, located more than half km from the park. The distance makes them inconvenient for park users to access. Most of the time, park visitors ended up going home when they needed to use a toilet.

Among the improvements done to the park is the new playground with six new slides, landscaping upgrade and enhanced accessibility.

The park upgrade is part of the various projects to beautify Darra. Aside from Ducie St Park, the reinvigoration of Darra also includes upgrades to Balfour Street Park, adding a new playground and picnic shelter.

Find out more about public parks in Darra at the Brisbane City Council website.