Petbarn in Jindalee Made a Generous Contribution for Seeing Eye Dogs Training

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Petbarn, a pet specialty store with a number of stores across in Australia, is actively seeking for support to fund Seeing Eye Dogs undergo training to help blind people or those with poor vision. The Petbarn in Jindalee has made quite a generous contribution.

The Jindalee Petbarn has contributed $10,191 to the Pet Foundation’s National Seeing Eye Dog Appeal. This has hugely helped the foundation, which now raised a $679,240 across all Petbarn stores in Australia.

The foundation’s aim is to train 13 Seeing Eye Dogs. Each training costs $50,000 and it takes up to two years of intensive training before a Seeing Eye Dog graduates.

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With 350,000 Australians who are blind or suffering poor vision, a lot of them seek the help and support of a Seeing Eye Dog. Seeing Eye Dogs can help them do their daily tasks such as going to the grocery, taking the public transport, and most importantly, the ability to continue making a living.

In light of this, the Seeing Eye Dogs Australia (SEDA) in collaboration with Petbarn stores in Australia, encourages everybody to help raise the funds for the annual fundraising appeal of The Pet Foundation.

The foundation was established in 2012 with a purpose of extending support for rescue organisations and follows the mission: “To enrich the lives of pets and people who love and need them.” They also support a number of animal rescue shelters as they don’t support the selling of companion animals. They continuously welcome donations to support their cause.