Riverhills Still Wants a Bridge to Bellbowrie According to Recent RACQ Survey Results

Last month, RACQ launched a survey regarding the bridges that must be built around Brisbane. They proposed 12 new direct river crossings, three-stage projects and duplication of existing bridge crossings. Should these be accepted, there will be new links between suburbs such as West End, Moggill, the CBD, New Farm, Kangaroo Point, and Hawthorne.


Ten More Bridges

Photo credit: http://bellbowrieriverhillsbridge.weebly.com/

The results of the survey have been released and it shows residents want ten more bridges to be built. One of them is a bridge connecting Bellbowrie and Riverhills. Talks between residents about this bridge have been going around since 2013 and it seems like they still want the bridge to happen.


Green Bridge or Road Bridge?

The bridge links Sumners Road at Riverhills and Birkin Road at Bellbowrie. This was originally planned in the mid-1970s but it did not push through because officials thought that the city was not developed enough for such a project, at the time. By 2009, the plan was to make that bridge a pedestrian or cycling link only. In 2013, a debate about turning it into a road bridge took place.

The plan to turn it into a road bridge is for Moggill and Bellbowrie residents to avoid traffic congestion on Moggill Road and to have access to a faster route on the way to their destination.


Sumners Road Ready For a Bridge


In Riverhills, the location of the proposed bridge is at the end of Sumners Road, which is currently a dead end now. However, it has a rich flora or large trees. It is quite far from the water. Should a bridge be approved, the road has to be widened and surfaced properly.

The Brisbane City Council had prepared the road already for a possible bridge due to the previous plans. Wider road lanes and cycling planes on Sumners Road can be observed to accommodate the possible increase in cars once a bridge is built.


The Struggle

The lack of a bridge between these two suburbs has greatly impacted the lives of the residents. Belbowrie residents traveling to Riverhills and other nearby suburbs complain about the long travel time. This also includes the amount of fuel that they consume and car emissions that pollute the atmosphere. Hence, a bridge between the suburbs will significantly cut travel time shorter and also prevent residents from getting stuck in traffic at the Centenary Motorway during peak hours.

Memories of the 2011 floods have underscored the need for a bridge to Riverhills. In 2011, Bellbowrie residents suffered from a lack of electricity and had limited food supplies for at least a week. A bridge to Riverhills would make it easier to evacuate to other areas during natural calamities.

Two bridge proposals were made, a green bridge and a road bridge. Residents seemed to favour a road bridge more than a green bridge. In 2016, an online petition was launched for a road bridge to be built between the two suburbs.


Taken Into Consideration

The RACQ Survey also recorded majority support for bridges to be built from West End to Toowong, Bulimba to Teneriffe, Balmoral to Hamilton, and Moggill Ferry Road to Riverview.

Paul Turner, the RACQ Spokesman said that these results only show that people are rooting for better infrastructure to battle Brisbane’s congestion problem. They also assured the community that they will be highlighting these results to the council and the state government to guarantee that feedback is included in future planning.