Scientology, Adelaide Crows “Collective Mind” Links to Missing Jindalee Couple

The Church of Scientology and a controversial AFL training camp known as the “Collective Mind” saga involving the Adelaide Crows has been linked to the missing Jindalee couple who vanished without a trace over two weeks ago.

Sonya and Wolfgang Wildgrace, New Age counsellors who ran a business in Maleny on the Sunshine Coast, were reported missing by police on February 25th. Their highly distinctive orange Mitsubishi Triton with the personalised plate “GROWTH” and trailer have not been seen since their disappearance.

Strange details have emerged about the couple’s background. Sonya Wildgrace had studied at Star’s Edge International, a company founded by leading Scientologist Harry Palmer that claims to have trained 10,000 people in its “Avatar” therapy.

Meanwhile, Wolfgang Wildgrace was one of three figures from the Workplace Wellbeing Institute involved in the infamous 2018 pre-season “Collective Mind” camp for the Adelaide Crows AFL club. The camp, intended as a “rite of passage” to overcome “selfishness” and “entitlement” after a devastating grand final loss, has been blamed for severely damaging the club’s playing list.

However, some Crows players praised Wildgrace’s “wisdom” and thanked him for making them “better men” through programs like the “Rite of the Warrior.” The club’s coach at the time, Don Pyke, also lauded Wildgrace.

Neighbours reported seeing camping gear and a messy home interior when the couple went missing.

Authorities have urged anyone with information to come forward, as the reasons for their disappearance remain unknown.

Police described Wolfgang as 175 cm tall, slim with grey hair and green eyes, while Sonya is 165 cm, medium build with blue eyes and brown hair.

The investigation remains active.

Published 15-March-2024