EvoHeat Bids Farewell to Seventeen Mile Rocks Facility

EvoHeat, the leading provider of pool and hot water heat pumps, has recently shifted its operations from Seventeen Mile Rocks to a state-of-the-art facility in Bundamba’s thriving industrial area. 

The new premises, located at 12 Gliderway St, Bundamba QLD 4304, mark a significant milestone for the company, offering expanded space and advanced technology to better serve its customers.

“EvoHeat has been experiencing a period of rapid growth over the past few years, and we’ve invested heavily in our facilities and staff to keep pace with the demand. The new warehouse, located at 12 Gliderway St, Bundamba QLD 4304, will provide more space for inventory and production, allowing us to better serve our customers and continue to provide the highest quality pool and hot water heat pumps in the industry,” Evoheat’s official statement says.

 EvoHeat Bids Farewell to Seventeen Mile Rocks Facility
Photo Credit: EvoHeat / evoheat.com.au

Compared to its previous location, EvoHeat’s new premises offer a remarkable 75% increase in office space and an astounding 300% surge in warehousing capacity. The facility boasts cutting-edge technology, featuring energy-efficient equipment such as EvoHeat’s own hot water and space heating products, designed to minimise environmental impact. 

Additionally, the installation of solar PV panels further aligns the company with sustainable practices. Notably, the new building provides a contemporary and comfortable work environment for all EvoHeat employees, fostering a positive atmosphere for creativity and collaboration.

EvoHeat Bids Farewell to Seventeen Mile Rocks Facility
Photo Credit: EvoHeat / evoheat.com.au

According to General Manager Tim Martin, the move was an essential step for EvoHeat due to the company’s rapid expansion, surpassing the capabilities of its previous facility at Seventeen Mile Rocks. 

The new facility boasts impressive features, including 40 kilowatts of solar PV on the roof, heat pump hot water systems throughout, energy-efficient appliances, and even electric vehicle charging stations. 

Martin said that the $3.5 million facility encompasses a vast 3000 square metres of floor space, a significant upgrade from the previous 700 square metres. The expansion became imperative as the company outgrew its existing premises, hindering further growth and development.

Reflecting on the company’s journey, Martin notes that when he joined EvoHeat in 2017, the business had a mere six or seven employees. Back then, their office space measured a modest 100 square metres, leased from larger premises spanning 250 to 300 square metres. 

However, within a short span, EvoHeat experienced phenomenal growth, expanding to over 45 employees and witnessing significant stock turnover. The company quickly realised the urgent need for additional space, which the new facility in Bundamba finally fulfils.

Martin acknowledges that the previous space limitations at Seventeen Mile Rocks hindered their ability to hire more staff. However, with the move to Bundamba, the company has already appointed two additional employees and is actively recruiting to seize further opportunities previously unattainable due to the limited space they previously have.

This relocation will enable EvoHeat to expand its operations across all business units, encompassing pool heating, domestic hot water, commercial hot water, cogeneration, and heat recovery. 

Published 24-June-2023