Lucha Brewing: Seventeen Mile Rocks Community Cornerstone Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

Lucha Brewing Co., a family-operated boutique brewery, celebrated its second anniversary, highlighting its unique contribution to local community engagement through craft beer. 

Emphasising the joy of communal experiences, Lucha Brewing Co. remains dedicated to its role as a meeting place for friends, families, and beer enthusiasts.

Since its inception, the pub has stood out for its exceptional craft beer and commitment to fostering community ties. Inspired by the vibrant culture of lucha libre wrestling, the brewery offers a space where life’s moments are savoured with great company.

Lucha Brewing
Photo Credit: Lucha Brewing Co

 “Our brewery has become more than just a place to enjoy beer; it’s where people come together, forming lasting friendships and creating a close-knit community,” said Damien, Owner of Lucha Brewing Co.

“What started as a passion for brewing has evolved into a love for hosting our community. The connections made here, over our craft beers, have been the true highlight of these two years,” Damien added. 

Damien is the brewmaster and barman. Before pursuing his passion for brewing, he had a career in public service. Sandie, his wife, manages the paperwork and operations behind the scenes efficiently. Their son, Rohan, helps out behind the bar. Together, they are the backbone of Lucha Brewing, a labor of love borne out of their desire to break free from the monotony of routine and embrace the joy of creating something new.

When you enter the taproom, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find high-quality beers and a peaceful environment where you can engage in meaningful conversations and create unforgettable memories while listening to music from the 80s to the present. Damien, the owner, keeps his fridge stocked with his latest home-brewed IPAs, reflecting his unwavering pursuit of the perfect pint.

Lucha Brewing
Photo Credit: Lucha Brewing Co.

Lucha Brewing is a new addition to the Brisbane beer scene, but it has already made a significant impact. The taproom is always busy with residents and craft beer lovers. The brewery is a symbol of community spirit, providing a space where neighbours and strangers can become mates over a cold pint.

“Without your continued support we wouldn’t be here and enjoying it so much. So, thank you to the weekly regulars. Thank you to those who get here every other week or when they can. Thank you to those who travel further and visit when they are on this side of town and thank you to the amazing food trucks that keep coming to feed us.”

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Lucha Brewing never lost its indomitable spirit. Although the startup faced delays, the team remained determined and focused on its goals. Even when floods tested its resilience, the brewery stood strong and provided aid to the community. It is now eagerly awaiting brighter days ahead.

The brewery’s success is a testament to its founders’ vision of a local hub for relaxation and socialization, supported by a loyal base of regulars and the contribution of various food trucks that enhance the visitor experience.

Published 11-March-2024