Beautifully Destructive: Mount Ommaney “Bambi” Problem Is Getting Out of Hand

There’s no stopping feral deer from wreaking havoc in Mount Ommaney. Yes, they look like Bambi. Yes, some residents are against the selected annihilation of these animals. But the deer are running wild and they pose a huge threat, not only to the suburbs’ bushland, but also to passing motorists.

Recently, two motorists were lucky to have escaped separate incidents on the Centenary Highway after crashing into and killing a deer. The motorists were left unscathed but this has caused sufficient alarm to the president of the Centenary and District Environmental Action Inc. Shealagh Walker, who has broached the idea of a cull of feral deer.

Ms Walker understands that the Brisbane City Council is in a tricky situation because a lot of residents will be upset if they choose to pursue culling the deer. She said that while they look harmless, they have been eating all the native grass in the suburb and have been ruining bushland reserves in the neighbouring suburbs.

In fact, Ms Walker has placed knitted protectors around her trees because the deer have been eating them. She also suggests the intervention of the Queensland Government for the quicker elimination of the deer.

The Council’s Lifestyle and Community Services chairman Matthew Bourke said that they are trying to resolve the issue. Last year, they caught 100 feral deer and they aim to capture the same number this year. What do they do to the animals? They euthanise them following capture, under specific targeted management programs.

A recent estimate shows that there are around 400 feral deer in Brisbane. Other areas that have a high number of deer sightings based on the BCC’s 2016 record are Pullenvale, Brookfield, Jindalee, Upper Brookfield, and Pinjarra Hills.

Please report any deer sightings. Call 3403 8888.