New Childcare Centre Proposed for Riverhills

Council is now assessing a development application for a new childcare centre proposed for 1 and 3 Hazelton Street, Riverhills.

The proposal seeks to develop a two-storey childcare development centre at a low-density residential zone. The developer will remove two houses on-site as part of their development plans.

Perspective from Hazelton Street corner. Photo credit: Brisbane Planning and Development Online

The proposed childcare centre will cater to 104 children and includes three outdoor play areas as well as 21 car park spaces. It also aims to open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Local Residents Unhappy

The proposal is already making a few residents unhappy since the childcare centre’s location raises traffic and safety issues.

Residents claimed that the development application’s traffic report is somehow inaccurate since there are multiple errors in the document including the speed limits on the intersection.

Perspective from Sumners Road corner. Photo credit: Brisbane Planning and Development Online

One resident is particularly concerned about the underground carpark’s access to Sumner’s Road. In the submission, the local resident said that  the location considered dangerous. This is due to the fact that there have been many accidents in the area and in some cases, cars have landed in the front yard of 1 Hazelton Street, Riverhills.

“This area is a well-known trouble spot to council. The front yard of 1 Hazelton Street is earmarked as an outdoor play area.  I certainly would feel uncomfortable placing my children there knowing the history of the traffic incidents.”

Another Riverhills resident cited that the childcare centre is not necessary for the area since there are already several childcare facilities in the area.

Photo credit: Brisbane Planning and Development Online

With these reactions, it seems that the childcare centre will not be supported by the local community.

Learn more about the proposed new childcare centre in Riverhills by reading the Application Details for A005035700.