Adopt a Snake – RSPCA Wacol Seeks New Homes for Rescued Snakes

They are usually associated with fear and danger. But snakes can also be an excellent pet to those who are looking for extraordinary animal companions.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) Wacol admits that interest for snake adoption is lacklustre, unlike the clamour for pet dogs and cats. Since the centre started putting snakes for adoption, it has received lukewarm response from the public.  RSPCA, however, counters the negative perception about pet snakes.

Unlike regular pets, snakes are fairly low maintenance pets. They do not need a lot of room and don’t make any noise. Snake pets are not messy and owners need not worry about shedding.

The snakes at RSPCA centre were mostly surrendered to them by parents of children who lost interest in their pet snakes. Some of the snakes were taken to the centre after growing beyond the expectation of the owner.

Before Adopting a Snake

Before adopting a snake, the prospective pet owner needs to obtain a Recreational Wildlife License. This license is required for anyone who wishes to take care of certain protected animals. The license holder will not be allowed to use the animals they keep for commercial use.

One of the snakes in RSPCA Wacol up for adoption. (Photo credit: RSPCA Queensland/Facebook)

Anyone interested in taking home a snake from RSPCA’s Brisbane Animal Care Campus will have to do their own research to learn about proper care for such type of pet.

Pet owners should know the commitment they have to keep if they adopt a snake. Snakes have different life expectancies, so the potential owner will have to be familiar with the species and how long they are expected to live. Snake pets can be challenging. They can get ill easily if not fed correctly or if not kept warm.

Potential pet owners should also realise that snakes have different temperament and personality. At RSPCA Brisbane, experts are ready to assist prospective snake owners in choosing the right pet to take home.

Interested in adopting a snake for a pet? View all the snakes up for adoption at Brisbane Animal Care.

Visit RSPCA Brisbane Animal Care Campus at Wacol to find a pet for adoption. The centre is located at 139 Wacol Station Rd, Wacol.