Furry Hope: Adam Joins Thriving Koala Community in Wacol

A two-year-old koala named Adam has joined a thriving koala community at Pooh Corner, a bushland reserve in Wacol, as part of the Koala Reestablishment Program.

The initiative aims to strengthen the declining koala population in the region, by creating a sustainable habitat for these iconic creatures. 

Plans to achieve this, through careful planning and collaboration with the University of Queensland, have been set in place to establish a sanctuary where koalas can flourish, reproduce and survive. 

Recent sightings and the birth of a new joey signal the resilience and adaptability of the reintroduced koalas.  Signs of a growing koala community are evident at Pooh Corner, raising hopes for the success of the re-establishment program amidst the lush greenery.

Adam joins a community of koalas that include Attie, Chandler, Glenda, Heaven, Karri, Lady Jane, Matilda, Olive, Oscar, and Olive’s unnamed joey, who have called Pooh Corner home since 2022.

Adam Koala Pooh Corner Wacol

Acquired by the Council in 2006 through the Bushland Acquisition Program, Pooh Corner has undergone habitat restoration efforts, rendering it an ideal sanctuary for koalas.

Dr. Sean FitzGibbon of The University of Queensland’s Koala Ecology Group commends the Council’s leadership in koala conservation, noting Pooh Corner’s rich koala habitat and the proactive reintroduction project.

This initiative demonstrates the feasibility of reestablishing koala populations in areas where they have previously disappeared, contributing to the long-term survival of the species in Brisbane and providing residents with opportunities to encounter koalas in their natural habitat

The success of the Koala Reestablishment Program has encouraged plans to expand into new territories, including Mount Coot-tha Reserve, Marstaeller Road Reserve, and other potential sites. These locations offer promising habitats for reintroduced koalas, with abundant food sources and suitable living conditions.

Published 3-May-2024