Wacol-Built Electric, HVO Trucks Spearhead QFES’s Green Transport Push

In an Australian-first trial, the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) is set to revolutionise its fleet with two groundbreaking prime movers built at Volvo’s Wacol factory.

One truck will run solely on Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), a renewable fuel, while the other will be entirely electric, marking a significant stride towards decarbonising the emergency service’s operations.

Queensland Leads the Way in Sustainable Emergency Response

Electric Truck built in Wacol
Photo Credit: Volvo Trucks Australia

The HVO-powered truck built in Wacol, will be mainly based in Townsville, and will undergo rigorous testing across vast distances in North Queensland, demonstrating its ability to handle demanding conditions while significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Meanwhile, the electric truck, also built in Wacol, will be stationed in Caloundra. It will be the first Volvo FMX electric prime mover operating in Australia, utilised for logistical deliveries as part of its trial.

Collaboration for a Cleaner Future

QFES has partnered with the University of Queensland’s researchers to evaluate the trial’s effectiveness, collecting data through on-board vehicle information systems and field assessments.

This collaboration underscores the commitment to evidence-based decision-making and continuous improvement in the pursuit of a greener future.

Government and Industry Unite for a Greener Queensland

Electric Truck built in Wacol
Photo Credit: Volvo Trucks Australia

Minister for Fire and Emergency Services, Nikki Boyd, hailed the trial as a groundbreaking advancement for both emergency services and sustainable transport. She emphasised the government’s dedication to decarbonising the QFES fleet and highlighted the positive impact these trucks will have on the environment and community through reduced emissions and noise pollution.

Minister for Energy and Clean Economy Jobs, Mick de Brenni, echoed this sentiment, stressing the importance of decarbonising the heavy transport sector, which contributes significantly to Queensland’s emissions. He praised the collaboration with Volvo, emphasising the benefits for local manufacturing and clean economy jobs.

QFES Paves the Way for a Sustainable Fleet

Electric Truck built in Wacol
Photo Credit: Volvo Trucks Australia

QFES Commissioner Steve Smith expressed pride in leading the charge towards emissions reduction, emphasising that this trial is a pivotal step in their broader decarbonisation strategy. He noted the potential for expanding the use of HVO and electric vehicles within the extensive QFES fleet, encompassing both Fire and Rescue and Rural Fire Services.

Volvo’s Commitment to Australian Manufacturing and Sustainability

Volvo Group Australia’s vice-president of public affairs, Lauren Pulitano, celebrated the delivery of these innovative trucks as a testament to Volvo’s commitment to a cleaner future and its dedication to local manufacturing in Wacol. She emphasised the importance of partnerships between industry, government, and stakeholders in achieving a sustainable and decarbonised heavy transport sector.

This landmark trial positions QFES and Queensland at the forefront of sustainable transportation, demonstrating a commitment to innovation, collaboration, and a cleaner future for all Queenslanders.

Published Date 03-June-2024