Community Rallies Behind Riverhills Bakery Landmark After Storm Ruins Equipment

Following the devastation caused by the storms in South East Queensland, residents of Riverhills find themselves grappling with the reality of a beloved local bakery’s prolonged closure. 

For more than two decades, Riverhills Bakery has held a special place in the hearts of its patrons but on 2 Feb 2024, the store appeared to be cleared of its items, leaving some locals to wonder if it will open again.

As concerns grew among the bakery’s patrons about its prolonged closure, social media platforms such as Facebook became a forum for discussion. Questions were raised about why the beloved Riverhills Bakery had not yet reopened.

A resident provided insight into the situation, explaining that the complex’s owners had refused to repair the damaged roof, leading to persistent leaks during rainy weather. These leaks, in turn, caused significant harm to the bakery’s equipment. 

Adding to the adversity, the bakery lacked insurance coverage, which further complicated the recovery process. Some tenants within the complex grew weary of the ongoing battle, resulting in the unfortunate closure of the cherished establishment.

Whilst Riverhills Bakery had been a source of joy and comfort for the 4074 community, the storm that swept through the area left a trail of destruction in its wake. The powerful flooding inflicted considerable damage on the bakery’s valuable equipment, rendering it inoperable. 

The most significant losses included an aging bread slicer and other specialised tools, the replacement costs of which proved to be exorbitant. To compound the challenge, finding the necessary parts for repair became an arduous endeavour.

In the spirit of solidarity, Stephanie Liley took the initiative to create a GoFundMe page aimed at helping the bakery owners cover the costs associated with repairing the damaged equipment. 

Liley expressed her deep appreciation for Riverhills Bakery, describing it as a “wonderful fixture in the 4074 community.” Carol and her family, who have managed the bakery on Bogong Street for over two decades, have been instrumental in creating countless cherished memories and delicious meals for the residents.

However, it’s worth noting that Ms Liley’s GoFundMe campaign, initially launched to support the bakery, has now been closed without any clear indication of whether it has reached the fundraising goals.

Riverhills Bakery was renowned not only for its longevity but also for its commitment to providing affordable and high-quality baked goods. Customers were drawn to the bakery’s welcoming atmosphere and the freshness of its products. 

With a remarkable four-star rating on Google, the bakery received praise and glowing reviews from its loyal patrons. Their testimonials exemplify the bakery’s reputation for excellence.

Published 5-Feb-2024