Developer Hopes to Activate Warrender Street with Mixed-Use Development

A new five-storey mixed-use development has been proposed for Warrender Street in Darra, featuring residential units, restaurants, offices, and retail spaces.

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Designed by architecture firm Refresh Design, the development aims to activate the area with new housing, dining, and commercial options.

Located at 45 Warrender Street, the proposed development will have two main buildings across 2,744 sqm of total floor area. Building 1 will be 820 sqm, whilst the larger Building 2 is planned at 2,422 sqm. 

Site plan (Photo credit: Refresh Design)

Between the two structures, there will be space for eight retail shops (644 sqm in total), four commercial office tenancies (282 sqm), and 12 rooming accommodation units (523 sqm) on the ground floor.

The upper levels include a mix of four single-story units, four loft-style units, and four two-story townhouse units for residential spaces totaling over 1,400 sqm. 

Outdoor areas are a focus as well, with 498 sqm of private open space and 113 sqm of communal courtyard. Significant deep planting, landscaping, and parking spots round out the site plan.

Photo credit: Refresh Design

The proposal incorporates 31 on-site parking spaces to accommodate residents and visitors. Refuse storage and collection has also been addressed with a dedicated area for RCV pickup service within the site. 

For vehicle access, there will be two entry points to the development from Warrender Street via new crossovers to be constructed. The planned parking and servicing arrangements aim to fully support the mixed-use complex onsite once operational.

45 Warrender St, Darra (Photo credit: Google Street View)

According to planners, the proposed development utilises several design elements to minimise the perceived size and scale across the site. Careful articulation, varied roof pitches, and a mix of exterior materials and finishes help break up building mass. An active ground floor and upper level balconies facing the street frontage further reduce bulk whilst enhancing street activation and casual surveillance opportunities. 

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The proposed mixed-use complex aims to bring new housing diversity and commercial activity through its blend of shops, offices, restaurants and residential spaces conveniently located near public transport in Darra. With city approval, construction could begin soon on the development.

Published 7-January-2024