4074 Rocks Rockin’ Jindalee & Centenary Suburbs

Photo credit: 4074 Rocks / Facebook

Have you seen random decorated rocks in Jindalee and across other Centenary suburbs?

Blame the 4074 Rocks. Members of the group paint and hide rocks as a random act of kindness to bring an unexpected smile to the someone face and pass it on. Each painter posts photos of their rocks as well as the finders.

The rocks are hidden just about everywhere – from parks, to somebody else’s backyard, you can simply find a decorated rock under a bush or along the street. Each rock also comes with a “4074 Rocks” tag.

The craze is catching on and The Jindalee Aged Care Program (JSACP) will be joining! The kids will start painting their own rocks and hide them.

Tracy Schandendorff, the program director, said it all started when their teacher found a decorated rock. This gave her a brilliant idea to involve the kids in the program.

The Centenary Landscapes will be donating rocks for the little artists as well to support the kids’ creativity.

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