Beer Recall at Seventeen Mile Rocks: Health Risks Cited

White Lies Brewing Hazy Craze Seventeen Mile Rocks
Photo Credit: While Lies Brewing/Facebook

White Lies Brewing Company has recalled its Hazy Craze Sessions NEIPA beer sold at Seventeen Mile Rocks due to unexpected secondary fermentation that has increased alcohol and carbonation levels, posing potential health risks.

Consumers are strongly advised not to consume, open, or even keep the affected beer, which has a best-before date of 1 February 2025. 

The beer was distributed in 500ml cans and is available at First Choice Liquor stores across Queensland and directly from the brewery’s taprooms at Sumner and Seventeen Mile Rocks.

The presence of excess alcohol and carbonation in food products may lead to illness or injury. According to Food Standards Australia New Zealand, this unexpected change in the beer’s composition has elevated it to a potential food safety hazard. The company has urgently requested that consumers who have purchased this beer dispose of it safely and contact them for reimbursement and further disposal instructions.

White Lies Brewing Company has taken full responsibility for the mishap, emphasising their commitment to quality and safety. They have established formal product recall procedures and are retrieving the affected stock from trade. 

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Fortunately, less than five cartons of the affected product reached end customers before the issue was identified. The company reassures that those who have purchased the product can return it for a full refund.

Established in 2013 by Lee McAlister-Smiley, a former engineer turned brewer, White Lies Brewing began in a garage but soon expanded to become Queensland’s first residential brewery. Known for its innovative approach to craft brewing, the company has garnered numerous accolades, including medals at both Australian and International Beer Awards. 

Following its expansion in 2016, White Lies also ventured into distilling, producing a selection of craft spirits.

Published 6-June-2024