Brisbane City Council Grants Jindalee Boat Ramp Upgrade Following the Discovery of Dangerous Needles

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Just last month, Jindalee parents were shocked when they found used needles just near a playground.

Residents have come together to protest the dangerous debris and other litter such as loose bark removed from the area. Diana Dale, one of the parents started an online petition to upgrade the Jindalee Boat Ramp playground. She suggested that the ground covering could have underlying dangers that could be harmful to their kids.

She is endorsing that the ground is replaced with synthetic grass instead. The petition has garnered 58 signatures and is already closed.The council has heard their cries as Jamboree Ward Matthew Bourke announced that the upgrades in the area will begin in July until September.

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The ramp and pontoon will be closed. The works will include the replacement of the floating walkway to prevent it from trapping branches and debris and to improve the ramp for additional safety. The council has also released a list of alternative play areas for locals.

The playground is very popular with the locals and is often busy during the weekends. However, due to the current issue, it is facing, the park receives lesser visitors now. It is expected that the park will get back its usual influx of people once the upgrade is complete.

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