Celebrate National Tree Day In Middle Park As Part Of Peaks To Points Festival 2018

Photo credit: ComEd

On 29 July, be part of the National Tree Day event as part of the Points To Peaks Festival this year in Middle Park.

Happening from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., this event promises to be a great way to give back to Mother Nature through tree planting. The event is hosted by Wilson and Centenary Catchments Inc and will be a commemoration of National Tree Day as well.

The event will be held at Wood Park and participants should wear enclosed shoes, pants, long sleeves, and a hat.

You will get free snacks and water at the event. Children can come as long as they have parental supervision.

The event will also provide gloves, tools, and other equipment needed for planting, and watering cans.

Peaks To Points Festival is a biennial event that celebrates the efforts of the government and the communities to care for their creek catchments along the southern side of the Brisbane River.

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You can register here.