Centenary Motorways Outlined in SEQ $62 Billion Infrastructure Plan

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Shiftchange

The South East Queensland (SEQ) Council of Mayors has identified the Centenary Motorways Bypass as one of 47 roads and railways that will benefit from its $63 billion infrastructure plan. Released in January, the massive project is expected to ease traffic gridlocks to improve livability in SEQ in the next 25 years.

The Strategic Transport Road Map for SEQ names the Centenary Motorway Bypass as part of its key projects, along with Brisbane Metro, Cross River Rail, North-West Transport Corridor, Fast Rail (Northern, Southern and Western Corridor), North-South Link ((Inner Western Bypass), East-West Link (Toowong on Legacy Way to South East Freeway Tunnel), and other upgrades like various green bridges and pedestrians or cycle cross-river links.

The road map is based on a study the Council commissioned to address traffic challenges in SEQ. The report projected these critical roads, if not upgraded, would reach over capacity by 2031.

To deliver all these projects will require an average of $2.7 billion spending a year, from 2019 to 2041. To upgrade the Centenary Motorway would cost $1.1 billion.

The plan will entail building a four-lane tunnel that will link Sumners Rd interchange to Toowong. This tunnel will run parallel to the Centenary Motorway and bypass the traffic at the Centenary bridge.

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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/kgbo

Another proposed tunnel will link Toowong from the Centenary Motorway going to the Everton Park.

The infrastructure improvements must be undertaken in phases as soon as possible as the projected the population growth for the region will necessitate more transport demands. Current committed infrastructure projects, even if delivered and completed, will not suffice if major corridors like the Centenary Motorway are not improved.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said SEQ could not afford project delays as it will trigger higher infrastructure spending and cripple the region. However, there’s still the matter of funding the projects.

“This report is a very important one, but the elephant in the room is we need a Federal Government who is committed to infrastructure in South East Queensland,” Transport Minister Mark Bailey said while commending the mayors’ initiative.

Photo Credit: Council of Mayors SEQ