Construction And Mining Equipment Manufacturing Giant Steps Up Recruitment Drive

Construction And Mining Equipment Manufacturing Giant Steps Up Recruitment Drive

Months after unveiling its $48-million Wacol Distribution Centre, construction and mining equipment manufacturing giant Komatsu is stepping up its statewide recruitment drive for apprentices.

Already at 1,200 strong, Komatsu is looking into expanding its workforce as it opened more apprenticeship positions last month. In early 2022, some 50 positions were filled for its Wacol distribution facility which opened in March.

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The company is looking into filling thousands of apprentices and technicians positions over the next ten years as the company is set to make further investments in technological advancements in heavy equipment manufacturing, further boosting job creation in the Australian mining sector. 

This August 2022, four upgraded Komatsu 930E haul trucks began their autonomous operations at South Flank iron ore mine in Western Australia. These trucks are part of a fleet of autonomous-ready haul trucks that are in the process of being upgraded and are expected to be completed in September next year.

 Komatsu 930E haul truck
Komatsu 930E haul truck | Photo Credit: Komatsu /

“Komatsu’s autonomous technology helps drive job creation, with a focus on safety, diversity, upskilling and an innovative flexible workforce that meets the needs of people and communities with business goals,” Sean Taylor, CEO & Managing Director, Komatsu Australia said.

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Late last year, the state government announced that the minerals and exploration sectors have recorded impressive growth in 2021 with a four-quarter average of jobs in exploration in Qld rising almost 70 per cent to more than 22,600. 

Moreover, jobs in minerals mining and quarrying in Queensland also reached a record high with its four-quarter average rocketing to more than 24,100 or 28.4 per cent year-on-year.

Australian mineral exploration spending reached $1.90 billion or an increase of 38.8 per cent year-on-year in 2021, eclipsing the average global budget growth rate of 35 per cent, according to S&P Global data.

The Australian mining and energy sector is poised for another record-breaking growth this year amid the global energy crisis. Export earnings are projected to reach $425 billion this financial year or a lift of 33 per cent from 2020-21, according to the Australian Government’s Resources and Energy Quarterly Report March 2022