Darra Jindalee Parishioners to Join the Pope at World Youth Day Lisbon

Jindalee Parishioners World Youth Day
Photo Credit: World Youth Day/Facebook

Five devoted members of the Darra Jindalee youth group are set to embark on an exciting spiritual pilgrimage as they travel to see Pope Francis lead the celebration of World Youth Day 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal and participate in the festivities.

World Youth Day is providing this unique opportunity to Aileen Nasalio, Daniel Torbey, Jessica Samaila, Diana Bello, and Mori Cahutay, all Darra Jindalee parishioners who will be joining the Brisbane archdiocese group for the event this year.

The event promises to be a transformative experience, including visits to sacred sites in France and Portugal, with a special highlight being a visit to Fatima.

Jessica Samaila, a 22-year-old youth leader from a devout Catholic family, has always dreamed of attending World Youth Day. A humble and grateful person, she envisions the Church incorporating current trends to engage the youth in discovering their faith.

Daniel Torbey, a 33-year-old civil engineer of Lebanese descent, acknowledges the challenge of declining faith among young people due to secularization. He stresses the importance of understanding and sharing the Gospel message with authenticity and conviction.

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Aileen Nasalio, a 26-year-old customer care consultant in the funeral industry, said that she had her life-changing encounter with Jesus at the age of 20. She hopes to delve deeper into her faith during the pilgrimage and is eager to witness the loving environments that encourage young people to foster deep relationships with Jesus

Diana Bello, a 32-year-old Colombian who moved to Australia in 2019, finds her faith to be a source of profound spiritual growth and healing. She eagerly anticipates visiting Fatima during the pilgrimage and aims to deepen her relationship with God and Our Lady.

Mori Cahutay, a 21-year-old registered nurse specializing in Pediatric Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant, expressed his belief in the importance of young people strengthening their faith. He finds strength in his faith to cope with the emotional challenges of his work and looks forward to experiencing St. John Paul II’s legacy during World Youth Day.

Jindalee Parishioners World Youth Day
Photo Credit: World Youth Day/Facebook

Their shared faith has drawn these five pilgrims together, eager to join Pope Francis and countless other young Catholics in Lisbon for the culminating World Youth Day Mass.

The entire Darra Jindalee parish has extended its prayers and support as these five pilgrims prepare to embark on this life-changing spiritual journey.

Published 16-July-2023