Grandmother Terrified After Youths Broke Into Mt Ommaney Home

A grandmother was left terrified after a gang of armed youths broke into her home in Mount Ommaney while she was inside.

The incident occurred at Mozart Place, where Veri Kostidnovac and her husband have resided for 55 years.

“I don’t know what they were chasing,” said a visibly shaken Ms Kostidnovac, who now fears being on her own property.

Video footage shows the gang attempting to break into homes before police arrived on the scene. The group managed to escape in a car before the police could apprehend them.

The driver of the stolen car, a 15-year-old youth offender, drove so dangerously that the police had to suspend the pursuit.

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Queensland Police Detective Inspector Wayne Frances described the situation as “extremely dangerous”, posing a risk not only to the police officers involved, but also to the community and the offenders themselves.

The police are still searching for the youth offenders in Mt Ommaney.

Published 20-March-2024