Grieving Rooms in Animal Clinics Being Added, Will Jindalee’s 24-Hour Vet Clinic Make Room?

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Grieving rooms in veterinary hospitals have been around for a long time but they are not commonly adopted by clinics yet. Only a few animal clinics have grieving rooms in Australia. Now, the newly-opened 24-hour vet clinic in Jindalee, AES (Animal Emergency Service), may have to get itself one as an increasing number of veterinary clinics are starting to adopt the concept.

It seems that grieving rooms are being added to animal hospitals to help pet owners during their time of grief following the death of their pets. Veterinarians Anthony Cassimatis and Ray Baxter believe that grieving rooms will be added to their new centre on Nudgee Rd., in September.

Although pet euthanisations can be done in the homes of pet owners, there are certain cases in which the procedure takes place in a hospital, particularly if the pet is already in the palliative care of the veterinarians. Having a grieving room will promote a better sanctuary for pet owners to freely grieve the loss of their pets without having to go past a number of pet owners at the clinic.

AES in Jindalee is packed with all the equipment and services a pet would need. With its seven consultation rooms, two specialist surgical theatre, medical procedure room and in-house laboratory, you can say that the animal hospital can really provide the best animal care.

Will Jindalee’s vet clinic have a grieving room for pet owners? At this point, we have to wait and see.

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