Herd of Deer Roams Jindalee Neighbourhood At Night To Feed

Photo credit: Australian Feral Management

Deer seem to be roaming the night in Jindalee. A resident spotted a herd of deer snacking on her neighbor’s gerberas.

It seems like the deer hopped over the fence and just started feasting on the neigbourhood lawns. Residents are not actually surprised because this dry season has urged deer to take advantage of watered lawns.

However, they are concerned with the damage that the deer can bring to their properties. The deer are known to destroy foliage and spread a seed of weeds as well as trample on seedlings.

According to the Glen Alchin, the director of All Critter Pest Control, trapping is the best option and there’s little one can do to prevent the deer from coming, especially when they are hungry.

The Brisbane City Council has also set some guidelines to control deer from coming into people’s property. They urge residents not to feed or attempt to befriend them. Also, collecting fallen fruit from trees from around your property as well as the removal of bird feeders will help prevent deer from getting inside your property.

Exclusion fencing will also keep them out. Lights can also deter deer especially the ones that flash a red light strobe but this has to be moved frequently so the deer doesn’t get used to it.

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