Jamboree Heights’ Madders Brothers Offers Edible Art

Photo credit: Madders Brothers Patisserie / Facebook

Tucked away in a back street in Jamboree Heights lies a bakery straight out of the streets of Paris. The Madders Brothers Patisserie at Guide Street bakes delectable little morsels that are worth every scrumptious bite.

Brothers and co-owners Luke and Paul’s shared vision is to make edible art and that’s exactly what they did. Paul, a qualified pastry chef, has trained in five-star hotels abroad and in Australia. He then mentored his brother. The brothers wanted to offer something different, something that isn’t easily found in Brisbane and that’s how they come up with this concept. Today, aside from running their business, they are also doing pastry consulting to high-end customers.

Their pastry displays are enticing treats to the senses that make their delighted customers think twice about taking a bite because their creations just seem too beautiful to eat! The pretty colors and the clever designs make it very hard for customers to have a go and give them a taste.

Photo credit: Madders Brothers Patisserie / Facebook

There is a wide variety of pastries that come in small sizes which virtually guarantees that customers will be more than willing to have more than one.

Give their Tim Tam Cheesecake a try. Their salted caramel tart is just sinfully delicious! Of course, what could be more Parisienne than to sample their mini macarons.

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Photo credit: Madders Brothers Patisserie / Facebook

For those whose palates lean towards the traditional, their lamingtons in “original chocolate” should not be missed.

Worried about allergies? They have gluten-free options so don’t worry!

And if that’s not enough. they also have coffee, hot chocolate, and cold beverages to pair with all their delightful baked goodies.

Now that the secret is out, people are beating a path to the back streets of Jamboree Heights to get to know this hidden treasure that offers edible art like no other.