Jamboree Heights and Mt Ommaney Get Faster Internet

Photo credit: CCO Public Domain/tejasp/Pixabay

Residents in Jamboree Heights and Mount Ommaney will now get to enjoy and benefit from faster Internet connection from Telstra. This, after Telstra unrolled its 4GX services in the area.

The telecom company recently added Jamboree Heights, Mt Ommaney, Darra, Wacol and Pinjarra Hills to the list of suburbs under its 4GX coverage.

4GX Difference

With 4GX, the Centenary suburbs can enjoy the fastest 4G speeds that can go up to twice the speed of regular 4G connection on a compatible mobile device on a 4GX area. Double the bandwidth means that customers can use more devices without compromising speed.

The faster speed will also mean doing more online, thanks to faster downloads, uninterrupted streaming and fewer slowdowns even in crowded areas. Compared to regular 4G service, 4GX connection provides better coverage inside buildings.

To fully benefit from the upgraded service, users should make sure that they are using compatible mobile devices, tablets and mobile broadband units. The service will be different depending on the capability of the device.

Find out more about the company’s 4GX coverage.

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