Mount Ommaney Retail Theft Increases, Auror Trial Rolling Out Trial in Brisbane To Solve the Problem

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Every year, over $620 million worth of stolen items are reported as stolen from Brisbane’s retail businesses. In Mount Ommaney alone, over 300 offenses have been recorded each year. The good news is, a solution is now on its way as the Brisbane City Council in collaboration with the National Retail Association has gotten federal government funding to try out a new technology, the Auror.


How it Works

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The Auror connects businesses and the police. A crime-prevention platform, it allows retailers to log in online and report a shoplifting incident in under ten minutes, which will then directly alert the local police and direct reporting to the police crime reporting line.

Due to the growing number of shoplifting cases as well as retail business owners already crying for help, the Council and the NRA agrees that a software to help fight this crime is necessary. Retail businesses are experiencing significant losses, which can cripple their businesses as well as the economy.


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A Conceivable Solution

Chief executive for NRA Dominique Lamb said that it has come to a point where retailers need as much support as they can.

This new technology seems to be the most plausible solution. Auror has been servicing Australia for years now and has just recently partnered with New Zealand last year. So far, it has been working well for NZ, which becomes one of the reasons why Auror was one of the best solutions pursued to fight of theft in Brisbane.


Current Measures Against Retail Theft

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Two of the biggest groceries in Australia have also implemented security measures to fight off theft in their businesses. There seems to be more problem at self-checkouts. Coles have installed security screens to reduce theft. A better customer service, which involves hiring more staff, was also discussed to monitor self-checkouts more efficiently.

The Council and the NRA are very optimistic with the trial of this new technology. In fact, Ms Lamb is confident that the trial period will be a success. Sooner or later, she foresees that it will be rolled out across Australia.