New 24-Hour Animal Hospital Set to Open in Jindalee

Photo credit: Animal Emergency Service (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)/Facebook

Pet owners in Jindalee and nearby suburbs can look forward to getting better care for their pets as a new 24-hour emergency veterinary hospital is scheduled to open in Jindalee.

(Photo credit: Animal Emergency Service (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) / Facebook)

The new emergency animal care facility will open in late June at the Jindalee Homemaker Centre at 34 Goggs Road. It will service suburbs in the western side of Brisbane as well as those in Ipswich.

With the opening of the animal care hospital, residents in Jindalee and Brisbane’s western corridor will not need to drive for at least an hour to get emergency medical service for their pets.

The veterinary service is a joint initiative by Animal Emergency Service (AES) and Veterinary Specialist Services (VSS). The facility will specialise in treating critically ill and injured animals. Just like the other Animal Emergency Service facilities, the Jindalee animal hospital will provide emergency veterinary care every night and will be open 24 hours during weekends and public holidays.

Proximity is key when it comes to saving the life of a pet. It could be risky to transport a critically injured or sick animal. This is what AES and VSS are addressing with the establishment of the new $4-million veterinary hospital.

(Photo credit: Animal Emergency Service (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) / Facebook)

Dr Gerardo Poli, director of AES in Underwood, will head the emergency critical care division of the emergency animal hospital. Up to 15 doctors will be providing animal care services in the new hospital. If necessary, the Jindalee facility can be assisted by more than 100 staff fromĀ AES Underwood.

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The new Jindalee animal hospital will accord all hospital services available in human hospitals. It will provide complete medical services, including surgery, critical care and oncology. It is also possible that the hospital will provide dentistry, dermatology, internal medicine and behavioural medicine.

Find out more about the after-hours veterinary services at

Watch the promotional video of the new Jindalee hospital.

(credit: Veterinary Specialist Services)