This Private Gym in Sumner Park Helps People Achieve Body Transformation in 12 Weeks

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After shedding a vast amount of weight with the help of a fitness coach, Ronny Glazier made it his mission to help people succeed in body transformation through his Train2Change private gym in Sumner Park, focusing on three core pillars and personalised training.

Ronny understands the importance of private one-on-one training to help clients achieve their body goals. When he started to establish himself as a leading personal trainer, Ronny listened to feedback from his clients, and from there, developed the concept for Train2Change.

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What Makes Train2Change Stand Out?

Unlike the typical gyms, Train2Change makes sure clients enjoy personalised service in an exclusive setting.

Clients, whether a couple, a small group or a sole individual will get to train in an exclusive boutique training studio with the latest equipment. With this setup, clients can train with confidence and focus. They can be sure that there is no overcrowding and that no one is watching or judging. 

The Train2Change 12-week program is built on three core pillars: 

Mindset – Overcome mental barriers that stand in the way of achieving body transformation. 

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Nutrition – Learn the foundation of a healthy, balanced diet implemented on a daily basis. 

Training – Depending on the individual’s ideal body, Train2Change will design the 12-week program and workout schedule. 

Another week has started off as strong as ever!!! Watch this absolute legend in action 😀

Posted by Train2Change on Sunday, August 9, 2020

“The future of gyms is in small personalised training studios like ours with the latest equipment where you can train with confidence and focus,” said Ronny.

“I have invested a vast amount into making it into something special, with all the top kit from a full set of 2-40kg dumbbells, boxing equipment, various barbells, kettlebells, battleropes, cable machines, tractor tyre, leg press and the one everyone loves, “‘the sled astro track,’ plus more.”

Main Programs 

Train2Change features two main programs for clients, depending on their individual goals. One is the 12-week all-inclusive transformation plan or the 4-week kickstart to Personal Training plan.

“These have been found to work for everyone,” Ronny said. 

“Both programs come with access to our app which enables us to keep track of your progress. The 12-week all-inclusive plan also gives you many industry discounts plus an activity tracker to monitor your calorie expenditure. 

“We also give you an optional upgrade at the beginning of your journey to book in with our naturopath who will get your nutrition right from the get-go.”

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Moving through the weeks and months, each client can be entered into the weekly challenges where prizes are given, plus an open invitation to Train2Change’s private Facebook forum.

To complement the training program, Train2Change also provides remedial massage for body relaxation and recovery. 

“We have attached a massage therapy room that helps our clients reboot every week and repair any aches or pains that have set in during their journey. 

“Our therapist has 8 years of experience working with a huge array of different clients from triathletes to administrators. She can work with you!”

Challenges in 2020

Just like most businesses, Train2Change faced tremendous challenges during 2020, particularly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But this did not stop Ronny from pursuing his goal. 

“[This year] has been one hell of a year for most people. Not going to lie I was terrified being a sole trader not knowing what the future had in store,” Ronny said. “BUT I didn’t let this put me off or lose belief in myself.” 

Time to clean…Hygiene and sanitation here at Train2Change is always as important as clients achievements 🧽…

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“I decided to try and make these unfortunate events work in my favour by opening up my own exclusive 1-1 personal training and massage studio. So the creation began and will continue.”

The exclusive Train2Change studio gives clients personalised one on one time and equips them with various strategies to ensure that they reach their goals. 

“On the journey, we focus on mindset barriers that you may face, challenges around diet and nutrition that you stumble over and accomplishing some truly great physical changes.”

“The logo for our Train2change business shows 3 triangles with each one representing the 3 core pillars of transformation which are, without question, the secret to real success in body transformation. And we swear by it!”

For more information, visit the Train2Change website.