Proposed Mixed-Use Industrial Development at Seventeen Mile Rocks Road

Seventeen Mile Rocks Road
Photo Credit: Sparc Architects

Plans have been submitted for a new mixed-use industrial development at Seventeen Mile Rocks Road in Sinnamon Park.

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Designs rendered by Sparc Architects show the applicant aims to create a four-story commercial building that will accommodate a mix of industrial and non-industrial uses.

This development marks the anticipated Stage 2 of the comprehensive industrial redevelopment of the subject site, located at 532 – 554 Seventeen Mile Rocks Road. The application was approved for Stage 1, allowing its construction for a mix of healthcare, retail, and research and technology uses, including a lab. Construction of the Stage 1 building is underway.

Photo credit: Sparc Architects

The site’s sloped nature is being cleverly utilised in the design. It will feature two levels of undercroft space, providing an impressive 384 car parking spaces with views of the nearby waterway.

Photo credit: Sparc Architects

The Mixed-Use Industrial Development will offer a range of different land uses, including hardware and trade supplies, shops, food and drink outlets, educational facilities, veterinary services, indoor sports and recreation centres, research and technology industries, low-impact industries, and warehouses.

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The development boasts an impressive 11,205 sqm of gross floor area, spread across its four-story structure, which reaches a maximum height of 32.65 metres. 

Photo credit: Sparc Architects

The allocated space for each land use is as follows: Hardware and Trade S (1,000 sqm), Food and Drink Outlet (134 sqm), Shop (150 sqm), Veterinary Services (19 sqm), Indoor Sports and Recreation (123 sqm), and Research, Technology Industry, and Warehouse (9,279 sqm).

Planners at Mewing Planning Consultant said the site is located in an area that comprises a combination of zones, including the Low Density Residential Zone and the Open Space Zone to the north, south and west, and the Industry Zone, Industry Investigation Zone Sport and Recreation Zones, Conservation Zone to the east / south-east.

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To learn more about the proposed development, visit Brisbane City Council’s PD Online, with the reference A006268670.

Published 11-June-2023