Snake’s X-Ray Reveals Missing Mt Ommaney Cat, Snake Catchers Remind Residents To Keep Pets Indoors

Photo credit: Gumtree

The owners of a missing cat in Mount Ommaney were devastated when they learned that their pet was eaten by a carpet python.

After noticing that their pet had been missing for three days, the owners of the cat noticed what looks to be a well-fed snake crawling around the area.  The owners did not hesitate to call snake catcher Lana Field. Ms Field went to the area and saw the python and immediately took it to the vet for an X-ray. It was then confirmed that the snake ate the cat.

An X-ray image uploaded to the Snake Catchers Facebook page shows the cat’s body curled up inside the snake. The owners weren’t happy and even asked if they could get the cat back. However, since the cat had been in the snake’s body for three days, it has deteriorated. Also, they are protecting the welfare of the reptile.

Ms Field also said that since cats often fight with snakes, this could have been the reason why it became the snake’s meal that day.

The snake catcher reminded residents, not only within the area but in other suburbs as well, to keep their pets indoors. This particularly pertains to areas where there seems to be an abundance of reptiles.

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The Brisbane City Council offers guidelines on how to keep pets from harm and from being a nuisance to others. They urge cat owners to keep cats inside the home and secure from dusk to dawn. See other guidelines here.

Editor’s Note: The featured image is not the actual snake referred to in this story.