Netflix Spotlight on Local Legend: Darra’s Que Huong Restaurant

Local viewers of the Netflix show Boy Swallows Universe likely noticed Darra’s Que Huong Restaurant when it appeared on screen. 

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Keen observers would have seen that the Vietnamese restaurant was used as a filming location and featured in some scenes in the second episode of the series.

The Netflix series was inspired by the novel Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton, which tells the story of protagonist Eli Bell growing up in 1980s Darra and navigating its complications. 

Photo credit: Netflix

Though Que Huong enjoyed its Netflix debut, the restaurant has been a staple in the Darra community long before the cameras arrived. It has developed a devoted customer base as a well-known restaurant in the Darra area for years.

Photo credit: Que Huong Restaurant/Facebook

More than a restaurant, Que Huong provides the backdrop for traditions, connections, and memories spanning generations of locals. For many Darra families, this unassuming eatery is where their history together has grown with each visit over the years.

Their signature dishes like chilli crab, prawns and barbecue duck have garnered quite a fanbase over the decades. Beyond these specialties, Que Huong boasts an extensive menu filled with salad dishes, soups, hotpots, and rice meals.

What makes the restaurant even more special is its retro vibes – the decor is straight out of the 1990s with mirror ball, coloured lights, and a mural depicting Halong Bay. 

Photo credit: Que Huong Restaurant/Google Maps

With its mouthwatering Vietnamese fare, it’s no wonder Que Huong has a dedicated customer base who don’t mind that the restaurant is usually packed with diners. 

The spacious interior can easily accommodate large groups and families. Whilst Que Huong enjoyed its time in the Netflix spotlight, it remains a darling among locals as one of Brisbane’s best Vietnamese restaurants.

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For fans of the book or show who want to get a taste of the setting, Que Huong offers the perfect opportunity to dine in a place that seems frozen in time.

Published 5-February-2024