Sinnamon Park Aged Care Staff to Receive $50 Gift Vouchers for a Jab

Workers at an aged care facility in Sinnamon Park will receive a $50 gift voucher if they have their COVID-19 vaccination following the provider’s move to accelerate its program to protect workers and residents.

Wesley Mission Queensland CEO Jude Emmer has revealed that hundreds of the staff at the Sinnamon Village Aged Care have already benefitted from the vaccination service and received their vouchers for their first jab before 15 June 2021. They will conduct another on-site jab with the Pfizer vaccine in the coming weeks.

In a statement, Mr Emmer said that they ramped up their efforts to vaccinate the staff members who have to deal face-to-face with their residents. Apart from the Sinnamon Park aged care facility, vaccinations will also be underway at their disability sites and care homes, as well as their hospice facility, Hummingbird House.  

Mr Emmer said that they have regularly communicated with the staff on the importance of protecting each other. The provider has also been regularly in touch with Queensland Health.

Photo Credit: Google Maps

It comes as Queensland has entered into a three-day lockdown and reinstated safety protocols like social distancing and wearing face masks after an unvaccinated receptionist from the Prince Charles Hospital, who visited North Queensland, became positive for the COVID-19 Delta variant. Health authorities are still investigating if she was infected whilst at work.