There’s Magic at the End of Beanland Street in Jamboree Heights

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Photo credit: Brisbane Kids

At the end of Beanland Street in Jamboree Heights lies the suburb’s best-kept secret. It may look like a dead end for visitors, but locals know exactly that a beautiful piece of nature can be unraveled if one is curious enough to push ahead.

Phil Denman Park is a new park that boasts of modern equipment. The playground has some pretty cool features that you won’t see in most playgrounds today. It has four forts on different levels with bridges, a fireman pole, enclosed and double slides act as the entry and exit points to the forts. It also has monkey bars and some climbing frames.

For younger children who still can’t operate the monkey bars and climbing frames, there are smaller slides, swings and other sensory play equipment on the ground level that they can play with.

Photo credit: Brisbane Kids

The fun for kids doesn’t stop when you walk away from these awesome equipment. Beyond that area lies sports heaven. There are cricket nets, a half court basketball court as well as a rebound wall. Your kids can ride their bikes on the shared pathway from Loffs Road through to Beanland Street.

There is also an open, grassy area where kids can run wild whilst parents sit down and enjoy a good book. The park is also a perfect spot for Sunday picnics with the whole family.

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