Darra Has Highest Incidents of Dog Attacks On Postal Workers in QLD

dog attacks

Darra has logged the highest incidents of dog attacks in Queensland alongside Gold Coast, amidst a plea from the Australian Post for pet owners to secure their dogs at home and prevent more severe and debilitating injuries among the posties. 

Susan Davies, the Executive General Manager of People and Culture, said that the reported incidents have had a rising trend in recent months, with dog attacks increasing by 55 per cent since July 2022.  

Across Australia, New South Wales had the highest number of cases at 351 whilst Queensland logged 281 and Western Australia had 183. 

Ms Davies said that they now receive reports of seven dog attacks per day, ranging from scratches, bites, punctures and lacerations. The traumatising incident also causes long-term psychological issues. 

Ms Davies also cautioned that the “sweetest dogs” may pose some danger as well as they have had two of the worst attacks coming from dachshunds. 

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The dog attacks mostly happen along the footpath, followed by the front door, at the letterbox and in the front yard, per the Australian Post.

“With the huge growth in online shopping, we’re delivering a lot more parcels than ever before. That means our posties and delivery contractors don’t just need to access your letterbox – they often need to enter gates and approach front doors to complete their deliveries,” the notice stated. “If they don’t feel confident accessing your letterbox or front door safely, they may not be able to deliver your mail.” 

To keep the posties safe, the Australian Post suggested the following preventive measures: 

  • Place your dog in a separate room or restrain it with a leash when we arrive at your front door.
  • Don’t let children answer the door as dogs can push or charge out.
  • Give your dog a toy or treat to distract them when the delivery arrives.
  • If you can’t restrain or confine your dog, consider installing a large, secure letterbox on your property for parcel deliveries.
  • If your dog is outside, make sure it’s securely away from the letterbox or front door.
  • If you’re out and about with your dog, use a sturdy lead to restrain it.