Wacol Distribution Centre Development to Bring New Jobs

Photo Credit: Google Maps

A development application lodged with the Brisbane City Council aims to add another distribution centre at Wacol’s industrial precinct and if approved, the site is poised to bring more jobs to the locals. 

Desane Properties submitted the proposal on 7 July 2020  to turn a 3,250 square metre lot, located at the back of its workshop centre, into a distribution site. 

The company said the project will provide at least 20 jobs during the construction.  Once the building is completed, the company expects that the distribution centre will be operating every day. 

The Sydney-based property also wants to build a 35-slot parking space, including one for PWD, in the new building.

Photo Credit: PD Online/Brisbane City Council

“The industrial focus of the proposed development is appropriate within the context of the surrounding area,” the development application stated. “Immediately adjoining the subject site is a number of industries uses, including low impact, medium impact and high impact developments.”

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The lot is currently used as a vehicle parking spot leased to the Council by Desane Properties but its term shall expire in a couple of years.