Riverlife Street Teams: Strengthening Community Through Service

When catastrophic floods struck last year, a dedicated group of volunteers sprang into action – the Riverlife Street Teams from Seventeen Mile Rocks. 

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Going door to door, they assisted locals with cleaning up debris, mowing lawns, and trimming overgrown trees and shrubs. Their helping hands and compassionate hearts brought hope amid the devastation. 

Although their efforts during the floods may be well known, the Street Teams operate year-round, offering free practical support to those in need across the Seventeen Mile Rocks area.

Photo credit: riverlifechurch.org.au

The Riverlife Street Teams are an initiative of the Riverlife Baptist Church, seeking to embody God’s love through service. Their mission is to provide assistance to individuals experiencing acute crisis or ongoing hardship that makes basic property maintenance a struggle. 

Photo credit: riverlifechurch.org.au

With a fleet of mowers, trimmers, blowers and willing volunteers, the Street Teams visit homes to take care of tasks like mowing, trimming, sweeping pathways and windows, and clearing gutters. Their work lightens the load for elderly, disabled and disadvantaged community members.

A visit from the cheerful and capable Street Teams not only helps restore a sense of dignity and order, but also forges human connection. Volunteers take the time to listen and offer kind words of encouragement. For isolated seniors and those going through loss or illness, a friendly chat can be as restorative as the yard work.

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The Street Teams run on the fuel of volunteerism. All are welcome to join the crews, no prior experience required. Simply bring a willing spirit! Through practical acts like mowing lawns and friendly conversations, the Street Teams lighten burdens, brighten days, and weave connection – one home visit at a time.

To request a visit or get involved, visit https://riverlifechurch.org.au/street-teams/. The team responds to requests within five business days.

Published 5-September-2023