Jindalee New Age Counsellors Due in Court Over Child Abuse Allegations

Two New Age counsellors from Jindalee, who vanished in February and were subsequently the focus of a police search, are now set to face court on severe child sexual abuse charges.

Wolfgang Raven Wildgrace, 58, and Sonya Maria Lindley-Jones, 51, sparked significant concern after they disappeared from their Jindalee home on February 28, 2024. The couple, known for their counselling business, Wildgrace Counselling and Therapies, was last seen driving away in an orange Mitsubishi Triton. 

Despite growing fears for their wellbeing, police later located them nearly 1,700km away in Kuranda, near Cairns.

Charges and Court Proceedings

Following an extensive investigation by the Sunshine Coast Child Protection and Investigation Unit, the duo had been scrutinised for offences allegedly committed across the north coast region from 2010 to 2013. 

Mr Wildgrace faces 32 counts of indecent treatment and one count of rape, while Ms Lindley-Jones is charged with one count of indecent treatment of a child under 16. The allegations pertain to multiple locations, intensifying the gravity of their supposed misconduct.

Wolfgang Raven Wildgrace
Photo Credit: Google Maps

The couple’s notoriety escalated due to Mr Wildgrace’s involvement in a contentious training camp for the Adelaide Crows in 2018. The camp was intended to foster resilience among players. Still, it drew widespread criticism for its approach, with accusations of cultural insensitivity and psychological distress, notably from former star player Eddie Betts. 

Mr Wildgrace and Ms Lindley-Jones were apprehended in Kuranda and have remained in custody since their arrest. They are expected to appear before Cairns Magistrates Court on 24 May 2024 for a committal mention.

They face serious charges that have shocked the community and cast a shadow over their previous professional endeavours in holistic and emotional therapy.

Published 27-April-2024

Piggy Back Cafe in Jindalee: A Visual Feast for Food Enthusiasts

Piggy Back Cafe is a charming neighbourhood cafe tucked away in Jindalee, where every dish is a masterpiece of artistry and flavour. 

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Established in 2016 by the renowned Venzin Group, the masterminds behind the beloved Picnic and Paw Paw Cafe, this all-day eatery has become a beloved destination for food enthusiasts seeking a truly remarkable dining experience.

From the moment you step inside, the cafe’s bright and spacious interior envelops you in a warm embrace, inviting you to linger and savour every bite. But it’s the menu that truly steals the show, a curated selection of decadent offerings that cater to every palate and appetite.

Photo credit: Anh Pham/Google Maps

For those seeking an indulgent start to their day, the Pancake stack with fresh seasonal fruits, French toast, acai bowl, banana stack, or strawberry bowl beckon with their irresistible allure. These perfectly crafted delicacies are not only a feast for the taste buds but also a visual spectacle, meticulously plated to evoke a sense of wonder and delight.

Photo credit: Hax Mays/Google Maps

If a lighter fare is preferred, Piggy Back Cafe offers an array of tempting options, from crispy spring rolls and sweet potato chips to the satisfying bacon and egg muffin. Each dish is a testament to the cafe’s unwavering commitment to quality and presentation.

Photo credit: Piggy Back Cafe/Facebook

But it’s not just the food that captivates; the cafe’s baristas are true artisans, crafting lattes that are nothing short of edible masterpieces. Each cup is a canvas of swirling designs and intricate patterns, begging to be admired and savoured.

Piggy Back Cafe
Photo credit: Emily Williams/Google Maps

Families, too, will find solace at Piggy Back Cafe, where a dedicated kids’ menu offers a delightful array of treats, from fluffy pancakes and crispy popcorn chicken to creamy milkshakes and the ever-popular babychino.

Piggy Back Cafe
Photo credit: Piggy Back Cafe/Facebook

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Whether you choose to dine indoors or bask in the sunshine on the outdoor seating area, Piggy Back Cafe promises an unforgettable experience. Here, food is elevated to an art form, and every bite is a celebration of culinary excellence and artful presentation.

You can find them at 86 Curragundi Rd, Jindalee, daily from 6:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Published 26-April-2024

Axe and Crowbar Wielded in Jindalee in Brazen Daylight Break-In

Two men, armed with a crowbar and an axe, were caught on camera attempting a bold daylight break-in at a Jindalee home on Kooringal Drive, sparking widespread alarm across Brisbane over rising aggressive home invasions.

The attempted intrusion occurred at approximately 11:30 a.m. on 26 March 2024. The perpetrators, driving a white Pajero, were thwarted in their efforts and did not gain entry, yet their boldness has ignited concerns among residents. 

According to posts shared within a private Facebook community group, the two men failed to penetrate the home but succeeded in instilling fear amongst the community.

Following the attempted break-in, local police were present in the Jindalee neighbourhood and conducted area patrols. Despite these efforts, no charges had been filed at the time of the report.

Between April 2023 to March 2024, about 53 unlawful entry incidents and over 168 offences of other thefts occurred in Jindalee. The community has been left rattled, with social media users emphasising the importance of vigilance and secure home practices in light of the alarming incident.

Jindalee crime stats
Photo Credit: QPS

Further unsettling reports from the same night detailed suspicious activities involving a white Pajero parked on Arrabri Ave. Witnesses described seeing a man in black sifting through bins under the cover of darkness, raising fears of a broader criminal reconnaissance operation.

This incident in Jindalee forms a disturbing pattern of home invasions plaguing Brisbane. 

In a separate but equally alarming event, a mother’s instinctive screams deterred two masked men from advancing into her Hamilton home, despite them being armed and having previously surveyed the property in tradie disguises. The failed intrusion occurred just hours after a Paddington home, occupied by a grandmother and her three-year-old granddaughter, was violently entered by men matching the description of those involved in the Jindalee and Hamilton incidents.

Police have linked these audacious crimes within a narrow two-hour timeframe to a known group of offenders reportedly on bail at the time. The recurrent targeting of these homes, particularly the Paddington residence now breached for the fourth time in a year, has amplified community anxieties regarding home safety and the efficacy of bail conditions for known criminals.

The sequence of events from Jindalee to Hamilton, culminating in Paddington, paints a grim picture of a community under siege. Residents are urged to remain vigilant, to secure their homes, and to report any suspicious activities to the authorities. The brazen nature of these crimes, executed in broad daylight and involving armed assailants, calls for a collective community response coupled with a reassessment of criminal justice measures to ensure the safety and peace of Brisbane’s suburbs.

Published 1-April-2024

Scientology, Adelaide Crows “Collective Mind” Links to Missing Jindalee Couple

The Church of Scientology and a controversial AFL training camp known as the “Collective Mind” saga involving the Adelaide Crows has been linked to the missing Jindalee couple who vanished without a trace over two weeks ago.

Sonya and Wolfgang Wildgrace, New Age counsellors who ran a business in Maleny on the Sunshine Coast, were reported missing by police on February 25th. Their highly distinctive orange Mitsubishi Triton with the personalised plate “GROWTH” and trailer have not been seen since their disappearance.

Strange details have emerged about the couple’s background. Sonya Wildgrace had studied at Star’s Edge International, a company founded by leading Scientologist Harry Palmer that claims to have trained 10,000 people in its “Avatar” therapy.

Meanwhile, Wolfgang Wildgrace was one of three figures from the Workplace Wellbeing Institute involved in the infamous 2018 pre-season “Collective Mind” camp for the Adelaide Crows AFL club. The camp, intended as a “rite of passage” to overcome “selfishness” and “entitlement” after a devastating grand final loss, has been blamed for severely damaging the club’s playing list.

However, some Crows players praised Wildgrace’s “wisdom” and thanked him for making them “better men” through programs like the “Rite of the Warrior.” The club’s coach at the time, Don Pyke, also lauded Wildgrace.

Neighbours reported seeing camping gear and a messy home interior when the couple went missing.

Authorities have urged anyone with information to come forward, as the reasons for their disappearance remain unknown.

Police described Wolfgang as 175 cm tall, slim with grey hair and green eyes, while Sonya is 165 cm, medium build with blue eyes and brown hair.

The investigation remains active.

Published 15-March-2024

Darra Jindalee Parishioners to Join the Pope at World Youth Day Lisbon

Five devoted members of the Darra Jindalee youth group are set to embark on an exciting spiritual pilgrimage as they travel to see Pope Francis lead the celebration of World Youth Day 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal and participate in the festivities.

World Youth Day is providing this unique opportunity to Aileen Nasalio, Daniel Torbey, Jessica Samaila, Diana Bello, and Mori Cahutay, all Darra Jindalee parishioners who will be joining the Brisbane archdiocese group for the event this year.

The event promises to be a transformative experience, including visits to sacred sites in France and Portugal, with a special highlight being a visit to Fatima.

Jessica Samaila, a 22-year-old youth leader from a devout Catholic family, has always dreamed of attending World Youth Day. A humble and grateful person, she envisions the Church incorporating current trends to engage the youth in discovering their faith.

Daniel Torbey, a 33-year-old civil engineer of Lebanese descent, acknowledges the challenge of declining faith among young people due to secularization. He stresses the importance of understanding and sharing the Gospel message with authenticity and conviction.

Aileen Nasalio, a 26-year-old customer care consultant in the funeral industry, said that she had her life-changing encounter with Jesus at the age of 20. She hopes to delve deeper into her faith during the pilgrimage and is eager to witness the loving environments that encourage young people to foster deep relationships with Jesus

Diana Bello, a 32-year-old Colombian who moved to Australia in 2019, finds her faith to be a source of profound spiritual growth and healing. She eagerly anticipates visiting Fatima during the pilgrimage and aims to deepen her relationship with God and Our Lady.

Mori Cahutay, a 21-year-old registered nurse specializing in Pediatric Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant, expressed his belief in the importance of young people strengthening their faith. He finds strength in his faith to cope with the emotional challenges of his work and looks forward to experiencing St. John Paul II’s legacy during World Youth Day.

Jindalee Parishioners World Youth Day
Photo Credit: World Youth Day/Facebook

Their shared faith has drawn these five pilgrims together, eager to join Pope Francis and countless other young Catholics in Lisbon for the culminating World Youth Day Mass.

The entire Darra Jindalee parish has extended its prayers and support as these five pilgrims prepare to embark on this life-changing spiritual journey.

Published 16-July-2023

New Operators May Take Over Jindalee Jungle to Prevent Closure

After announcing plans to permanently close, Jindalee Jungle may have a shot at remaining open after all, thanks to new operators who have expressed interest in taking over the popular indoor play centre.

In mid-January 2023, the current owners posted a notice on its Facebook page that it will cease operations at the end of the month. 

Families who have been regulars of Jindalee Jungle were sad about the news, including a mom who had booked the place for her child’s birthday party in February. The indoor play centre has a cafe and several party rooms booked for private functions.  

However, the announcement has since been removed and the page has been advertising its opening hours.

In another Facebook post, the owners confirmed that “someone has offered to take over the jungle in February” but also clarified that “nothing is certain at this point.” The current owners, however, are still managing the facility until the 26th of January. No details of the new operators were revealed.

“This is a more intimate centre than some others which is nice, because it’s less overwhelming than the giant ones! Great service, lovely staff. Birthday parties are so easy and you don’t have to do a thing – heaven!” 


“Went for my sons birthday party today, was a great time, very clean place, staff were very friendly and helpful, the room was set up beautifully and the food was great too. Thank you so much Jindalee Jungle.” 


“Hosted our daughters 6th birthday here. Despite being a busy weekend the staff took great care of us. The food arrived at the exact time we asked for. It was really tasty and everything we asked was promptly taken care of. The play area is a bit small. So this place would be ideal for less than 5 year old however our 6 year old and her friends had a great time here. I would highly recommend this place.”


Contractors Chosen for the Centenary Bridge Upgrade

The contract for the Centenary Bridge upgrade has been awarded to the Georgiou Group and BMD Constructions in a joint venture that will ease traffic congestion by building three new lanes on the side of Jindalee and remediation of the current bridges. 

The upgrade will also entail improvements in the active transport facilities for pedestrians and cyclists accessing the Western Freeway Bikeway or visiting the Jindalee Skate Park.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced the contractors and said that work on the Centenary Bridge upgrade will deliver more local jobs and ensure that residents of West Brisbane will be able to go home safer and sooner. 

More than 85,000 vehicles cross the bridge every day. Projected modelling revealed that the number of vehicles will increase to 152,000 vehicles per day by 2036.

Centenary Bridge
Photo Credit: TMR Queensland

Now that bridge is closer to construction, State Member for Mount Ommaney Jess Pugh said this is a belated Christmas gift for the community.

“I have advocated for this project since I was elected, as I know how desperately our community wants shovels in the ground,” Ms Pugh said

“Previous tender submissions came in low, and another even promised to build two new bridges with the funding – both options had to be thoroughly explored to make sure we were getting the best value for taxpayers.

“After consideration, we saw that these tender submissions could not deliver on what was promised. I’m pleased we can now move forward with a reliable, Queensland based joint venture, with over 40 years experience.

“The project will double capacity across the river, as well as improve access to Amazon Place Park while preserving the much-loved Jindalee Skate Park.

“We know how important it is to include safe options for cyclists and footpath users, especially those who travel on two wheels, in a wheelchair, mobility device, or pushing a pram.

“Construction will start next year, and I know locals are just as excited as I am.”

The almost $300-million project, however, received criticisms from the opposition for the delays and the added $50 million cost. The timing of the announcement during the holiday break also prevented public scrutiny. 

Centenary SHS Girl Representing Australia in Figure Skating Around the World

Photo Credit: ISU Junior Grand Prix/YouTube

It’s a rare sport that Australia doesn’t excel at on the world stage and the nation’s history in Figure Skating has not been stellar. However, since 1952, Australia has had competitors in every Winter Olympics Figure Skating competition apart from four, and 14 out of 18 isn’t bad for the sunburnt country, with Anthony Liu finishing 10th in 2002 and Joanne Carter’s 12th in 1998 being the highlights.

Now, there is a young lady from Centenary State High School tilting at windmills and just like Joanne Carter, she’s competing overseas at a very young age to test herself against the best.

Sienna Kaczmarczyk is 14 years old and currently competing across Europe as the sole Australian representative in some of the biggest junior competitions in the world.

Sienna trains at the prodigious Boondall Figure Skating Club, alongside many other Junior and Adult state champions and national representatives.

Her latest competition was the ISU Junior Grand Prix in Gdansk, Poland.

Her skate in Gdansk was by no means her best but undoubtedly gave her an incredible experience that will help build her international reputation…from Jindalee.

A few weeks earlier, she finished 3rd in Singapore at the SEA Open Trophy.

Jindalee’s Poolwerx Celebrates 30 Years With Firm Plans for Global Expansion

Photo Credit: Poolwerx/Facebook

Going into business may be risky but potentially rewarding, as Poolwerx founder John O’Brien has learned in 30 years. After establishing a small pool maintenance company in Jindalee in 1992, his company has been making a splash and setting sights on a global expansion. 

In the last year, Poolwerx grew its revenue by over $150 million from its operations across Australia and New Zealand. Mr O’Brien said that many homeowners have been “rediscovering” their backyards due to the pandemic as pool construction requirements grew by 30 per cent. 

According to the entrepreneur, Australian families are cocooning and focusing on spending time in their backyards. He believes that this renewed culture will remain even as lockdown restrictions are no longer in place.

However, Poolwerx has been tracking success prior to the lockdowns after expanding its franchise opportunities in the U.S. In July 2022, Mr O’Brien announced its partnership with Norwest, its newest global business partner. 

Currently, Poolwerx has 160 outlets and 600 mobile vans across Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. Plans are underway to open more franchises, including in Europe.

Poolwerx franchisees range from first-timers who want a shift from their office jobs to more savvy entrepreneurs who could handle multiple outlets. 

The company’s annual convention in August honoured the franchise partners that have contributed to its success as the largest franchise pool servicing brand in the world. The celebration was held in Port Douglas after two years of pandemic lockdowns. 

Poolwerx 30th Anniversary
John O’Brien and wife Helen Moroney with Michelle and Rob Hudson, Franchise Partners of the Year, 2022 | Photo Credit: Splash Magazine

Poolwerx 30th Anniversary Franchise Honourees

  • Franchise Partners of the Year, 2022 – Michelle and Rob Hudson, Albury and Wodonga, NSW
  • Retail Store of the Year – Ringwood, VIC
  • New Retail Store of the Year – Bendigo, VIC
  • Retail Salesperson of the Year – Simon Martin, Jimboomba, QLD
  • New Retail Salesperson of the Year – Nicky Seaton, Noosa, QLD
  • Pool & Spa Technician of the Year – Cory Thomson, Spearwood WA
  • New Pool & Spa Technician of the Year – Anthony Otto, Happy Valley, SA
  • Brand Excellence – Upper North Shore, NSW
  • Technical Excellence – Kalamunda, WA
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurial Excellence – Castle Hill, NSW
  • Rising Star – Auckland South, NZ
  • Most Improved – Wagga Wagga, NSW
  • B2B Excellence – Albury, VIC
  • Employer of the Year – Albany Creek, QLD
  • Top Mobile Sales (Single Territory) – Coffs Harbour, NSW
  • Top Cross Counter Sales – Dubbo, NSW
  • Top B2B Sales – Mt Gravatt, QLD
  • Top National Sales – Indooroopilly, QLD
  • Woman of the Year – Michaella Dunker, Jimboomba, QLD
  • Outstanding Team Contribution – Indooroopilly, QLD
  • PSC Team Member of the Year – Lesley Berry
  • BDM of the Year, Calan McIntosh, BNE North and Central QLD
  • Hall of Fame – Karen & Kevin Scott, Manduarah WA, Janelle & Chris Harzenberg, Beverly Hills, NSW and Andrew Kidd, CEO USA
  • FP of the Year BNE South, FNQ, Northern NSW – Jimboomba
  • FP of the Year BNE North, Central QLD – Indooroopilly
  • FP of the Year NSW & ACT – Upper North Shore
  • FP of the Year South Australia – Happy Valley
  • FP of the Year VIC & TAS – Albury
  • FP of the Year WA – Kalamunda
  • FP of the Year NZ – Bay of Plenty

Two Local Legends Join the Amazons Family Fresh Markets Team in Jindalee

Amazons Family Fresh Markets at DFO Jindalee, the biggest fruit-and-vegetable market in the western suburbs, is bringing out the big guns, with the recent addition of two powerhouse talents to their team: the “Banana King of the West” and one of the best butchers in Brisbane.

Mel Habchi

After many years trading at the Mt Ommaney Fruit Market, Mel Habchi and his staff have now joined the team at Amazons Family Fresh Markets.  

As the door closed on his lease at the Mount Ommaney Shopping Centre, a new door opened enabling Mel to continue sourcing and offering the freshest and best value fruit and veg in the Centenary area.

Mel Habchi
Photo Credit: Mel Habchi/Facebook

Mel has been called the “Banana King of the West.” Frankly, who can question his clout or buying prowess at the Brisbane fruit and veg markets when he’s able to offer fresh Cavendish bananas at $1.98 per kg when $4/kg is common at the major supermarkets (prices as of publishing date)? 

Huge boxes of Honey Murcott mandarins for $14.90. Broccoli at $2.98/Kg. All these make the big chain supermarkets look extremely expensive.

Rodney Gaddes

Rodney Geddes
Photo Credit: Supplied

Along with Mel, another local legend who has joined the team is Rodney Gaddes, a butcher with over 30 years’ experience. 

“I have been a butcher for more than 31 years, I was born on the farm and this is something I really love doing,” Rodney said, adding that he is happy to be joining the Amazons Family Fresh Markets team.  

Amazons Family Fresh meat
Photo Credit: Facebook/Amazon Family Fresh Markets DFO Jindalee

Rodney has been filling the cabinets with quality meats that have shoppers making a beeline for his choice cuts.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Amazon Family Fresh Markets DFO Jindalee

Amazons Family Fresh Market Reviews

“Beautiful fruit and veggies and always cheaper than Coles, I’m obsessed with this place. Plus you can pick up a hot chicken for $8 – how good.”

Alexandra Grunwald

“Great selection of fruit and other produce. The store is well laid out with easy access. Prices are really good.”

John Westwood

“Have stopped going to Rocklea markets since these guys have opened, just as fresh and similar value.”

Wilfred Mak
Amazon Family Fresh
Photo Credit: Supplied

You can follow their Facebook page for more updates.