Jindalee and Westlake are Big Winners at 2019 4KQ Christmas Lights Contest

If you’re planning on going around West Brisbane to see some of the best Christmas light displays, then you shouldn’t skip a visit around the neighbourhoods in Jindalee and Westlake. Every year, residents from these suburbs set up the most colourful, impressive and magical Christmas display that it’s no surprise Jindalee and Westlake were big winners of this year’s 4KQ contest.

2019 Best Lights Display in West Brisbane

The annual 4KQ contest cited the house of Shane & Debbie Horswill at 20 Curragundi Road in Jindalee as the Best Display in West Brisbane for 2019. The Horswills are not first-timers in this competition as they also won the People’s Choice Award in 2018. Incidentally, the family is also vying for the same recognition this year, which is awarded by 7News. You may vote for the Horswills online

2019 Best Neighbourhood Display

Meanwhile, a number of houses on Everard Street in Westlake were also big winners for the overall Best Neighbourhood Display. According to realestate.com.au, Everard Street is a popular strip for weekend cyclists. For years, however, Everard Street turns into a Christmas Wonderland filled with astounding light displays. 

Here are the complete names and addresses of the 2019 4KQ Contest Winners from Jindalee and Westlake:

Shane & Debbie Horswill20 Curragundi Road, JindaleeBest Lights Display – West
Ian Wright18 Mankinna Street, JindaleeJudges Commendations
Shaun McFadder28 Raeside Street, Westlake Judges Commendations
Timothy Evans2 Gillen Close, WestlakeWinner Neighbourhood
Westlake Wonderland
Riley Mackenzie18 Everard Street, WestlakeWinner Neighbourhood
Westlake Wonderland
Laurence Cole17 Everard Street, WestlakeWinner Neighbourhood
Westlake Wonderland
John Milner16 Everard Street, WestlakeWinner Neighbourhood
Westlake Wonderland
Jeannette Watson21 Everard Street, WestlakeWinner Neighbourhood
Westlake Wonderland
Dannielle Robson20 Everard Street, WestlakeWinner Neighbourhood
Westlake Wonderland
Reid Moran14 Everard Street, WestlakeWinner Neighbourhood
Westlake Wonderland

Christmas Lights Tour Bus

You can still view these Christmas lights display by joining the tour bus organised by Brisbane City Council. Secure the tickets online and then head to Indooroopilly Shopping Centre (Stop C) before 7:00 p.m. The Christmas Lights tour bus will be servicing the public until the 20th of Dec. 2019. 

If the tour bus isn’t the best option and you’d rather arrange your own trip, download these resources below to map out your drive carefully. These includes all the other participants and winners of the 2019 4KQ Christmas Lights Competition: 

The displays may be viewed from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. until Christmas eve.

What to Expect from the Jindalee Village Precinct Project

Locals will soon enjoy a more vibrant neighbourhood shopping precinct on Curragundi Road, Jindalee now that the construction for the Jindalee Village Precinct Project is ongoing and nearing its completion.

With the Jindalee Village Precinct Project, there will be a realignment of existing pedestrian crossings, adding cautionary tactile paving to existing kerb ramps where possible and reconstructing existing ramps to improve accessibility.

There will also be upgrades to the footpath for improved accessibility, maintenance and visual amenity. Residents would also see more trees, that will provide shade in the area whilst improving the precinct’s visual and physical amenity.

Other improvements include ground cover plantings to new and existing garden beds, standard street furniture and unique seating.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said the delivery of new street furniture such as seating, bins, bike racks and drinking fountains as well as upgrading footpaths can dramatically change the accessibility and feel of a local shopping street.

“Combine that with new trees and gardens, public art and community events and a suburban shopping street can be transformed into a popular and welcoming high street for residents and visitors to enjoy,” Cr Quirk said.

The Brisbane City Council worked with local residents and business owners through a project launch to find out what they want and the amenities they need for their local area.

The BCC committed $450,000 to the improvement project which aims to enhance the amenity, connectivity and safety for locals and residents, contribute to and encourage local economic development and the community’s sense of place at the neighbourhood centre.

“We have already seen significant improvements to the public realms at Chermside and New Farm and now Council is getting on with creating liveable places and welcoming neighbourhood centres for the local community and visitors to enjoy elsewhere across the city,” Cr Quirk added.

Depending on weather and site conditions, the construction for the Jindalee Village Precinct Project should be complete by April 2019.

The Council said local residents and businesses will be invited to an activation event to celebrate the completion of the project and also promote the upgraded neighbourhood centre. More information will be provided in the coming months.

Latest Land Valuations Show Centenary Suburbs’ Median Land Value Increased

Land values in the Brisbane City Council area increased by 6.8 percent overall since the last valuation in 2017. This overall land value increase is also reflected on Centenary suburbs, notably Jindalee and Sinnamon Park, according to the latest land valuation report published by the State of Queensland.

The latest land valuations report shows median land value in Jindalee increased 20.7 percent to $350,000 and Sinnamon Park’s climbed 20 percent to $420,000. Other Centenary suburbs also recorded moderate median land value increase: Mount Ommaney – $590,000 (9.3%), Middle Park – $365,000 (10.6%), Jamboree Heights –  $350,000 (9.4%), Westlake – $410,000 (5.1%), Riverhills – 305,000 (10.9%), Sumner – $255,000 (10.9%), and Seventeen Mile Rocks – $340,000 (9.7%).

Queensland property is showing continued signs of strength in some areas, according to the recently released Valuer-General’s 2019 Property Market Movement Report. Based on the economic indicators, Queensland Treasury advise “dwelling investment in Queensland is entering a ‘recovery phase.’” This follows a 4.8 percent decline in 2017-2018, Queensland’s Valuer-General Neil Bray said.

“While approvals and construction have declined, the substantial amount of work remaining in the pipeline indicates dwelling investment is headed for a ‘soft landing’ compared with previous housing cycles,” he said

A total of 18 local government areas, representing 1.03 million properties, received new valuations this year: Brisbane, Burdekin, Cairns, Etheridge, Gympie, Ipswich, Lockyer Valley, Logan, Longreach, Moreton Bay, Noosa, North Burnett, Redland, Somerset, South Burnett, Sunshine Coast, Weipa, and Western Downs.

Of the 18 local government areas that have been valued, 16 recorded an overall increase ranging between 4.9 (South Burnett) and 42.5 percent (Etheridge). There were nine LGAs with increases of 0-10 percent, five areas with increases of 10-20 percent, and two areas with more than 20 percent increases. Burdekin and Longreach, on the other hand, recorded overall decreases of 2.9 percent and 14.8 percent, respectively.

Photo Credit: J Brew [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)] / Wikimedia Commons

Majority of suburbs across Brisbane have recorded increase in residential land values, with most showing increases between five and 15 percent. Residential sector is the largest market sector in Brisbane, about 304,000 valuation. The median residential value has risen 7.1 percent as the overall median value increased to $455,000 from $425,000.

Thirty-seven residential suburbs remained unchanged, whilst 126 increased by up to 15 percent and 16 suburbs increased by more than 15 percent. Inner-city suburbs Woolloongabba (26.1%), Auchenflower (19.6%), Paddington (19.4%), and Milton (19.2%) have the largest median valuation increases.

The new valuations will become effective 30 June, however, landowners who have additional or new evidence to justify the need to alter the new valuations should provide such information through the online objections process via www.qld.gov.au/landvaluation or at the address shown at the top of their valuation notice, by 7 May 2019.

Bellbowrie and Jindalee Homes Win Big at the 2018 4KQ Best Christmas Lights Competition

This year, Bellbowrie and Jindalee homes were amongst the big winners of the 2018 4KQ Best Christmas Lights Competition.

Grabbing the top spot of the West category is the lights display by Evan and Myfanwy Jones of 45 Church Road, Bellbowrie. Their family’s magnificent Christmas lights display is truly one-of-a-kind. Their winning display features a swan lake, gingerbread man, polar bears, and more.

Check out the photos below and see why the Bellbowrie residence is the Best West winner.

Photo credit: www.4kq.com.au

The runner-up for this year’s West Category is a family who has already made the  4KQ Best Christmas Lights Competition an annual tradition. Shane and Debbie Horswill from 20 Curragundi Road, Jindalee started joining the Christmas lights competition 15 years ago.

Photo credit: www.homely.com.au

Apart from being the runner-up, their creative Christmas lights display is also a strong contender for the People’s Choice Award.

Three more homes captivated the judges this year. The following participants in the West Category got the Judges Commendation:

  • Let It Snow Christmas Lights, 1 Moncrieff Court, Mount Ommaney
  • Melanie and Len Watson, 5 Kaputar Close, Riverhills
  • Michael Mader, 207 Graceville Avenue, Graceville

Christmas Lights Tours

A total of 23 homes joined this year’s 4KQ Best Christmas Lights Competition in the West. If you want to have a look at these bright and colourful display of Christmas lights, check out the line-up of the Council’s Christmas lights bus tours.

The tours will be running until Friday, 21 December 2018.  Take note that each tour departs at 6:45 p.m. sharp and will go for approximately three hours. Refreshment stops are included.

You may also opt to have your own Christmas lights trip. Check out the list of the complete participants for this year’s competition and make the most out of your trip.


The Rich History of How Centenary was Formed

Centenary, as it is known today, consists of several suburbs namely, Jindalee, Mount Ommaney, Jamboree Heights, Middle Park, Westlake, Riverhills, Sumner, Sinnamon Park, and Seventeen Mile Rocks.

Do you know how and why Centenary was formed? Let’s take a look back at the historic past of Centenary and the origins of the names of its suburbs.

Photo credit: cshsoc.org.au

In 1959, Queensland’s Centenary Year, a  land developer named Hooker Rex planned the Centenary project. The project was a suburban development proposal that included a number of neighbourhoods with their own services and facilities that are capable of providing for all the needs of its residents.

The development started with the purchase of farmland in 1960. The contract for 1,416 hectare-development was agreed upon by the Council in 1961.

Photo credit: Kgbo/Wikimedia Commons

The Centenary Bridge and Highway were among the most important parts of the development as it provided access to and from the city and the northern suburbs. Officially opened on 14 October 1964, the Centenary Bridge was financed by the developers while the Centenary Highway was built by the Brisbane City Council still at the developers’ expense.

The suburbs and industrial estates that were planned to be a part of the Centenary project were Jindalee, Jamboree Heights, Mount Ommaney, Riverhills, Westlake, Middle Park, and Sumner. Meanwhile, Seventeen Mile Rocks and Sinnamon Park were developed separately.

Photo credit: Facebook/Brisbane Retro

The development was under the management of a public company called the Centenary Estates Limited for six years. In October 1967, the private shareholders were bought out by the Hooker Corporation Limited and the entire project was once again owned by the corporation.

The Establishment of the Centenary Suburbs


Photo credit: Twitter/Property Observer

Jindalee is an Aboriginal word which means “bare hills”. The establishment of the suburb in September 1962 brought the first public transport in the area, a bus going to and from Oxley Station.

Among the earliest establishments in the district were the Jindalee Golf Course, Swimming Pool, Bowls Club and the Looranah St. shopping centre. With its well-established golf course, swimming pool, and sporting facilities, it wasn’t long before Jindalee became a centre for sporting activities.

Jamboree Heights

Jamboree Heights was initially a part of Jindalee. When the Boy Scout held it’s Eighth Australian Pan-Pacific Scout Jamboree in Brisbane, Hooker Centenary provided the site. Later on, the place came to be called Jamboree Heights.

The 50th Anniversary of that historic Jamboree was celebrated in Jamboree Heights in January 2018. During that time, the participants learned more about the first Queensland Jamboree in 1967-1968.

Read: Celebrate Jamboree’s 50th Anniversary in Jamboree Heights  

Mount Ommaney

Mount Ommaney is considerably larger than Jindalee and Jamboree Heights. Despite the sloping nature of the terrain in the area, Hooker Centenary was able to develop a number of “Private Courts” in Mount Ommaney in January 1970, a feat considered a first in Australia.

Photo credit: www.mcleodgolf.com.au

Each private court contains approximately seven homes, each with their own private entrance and shared private ownership of internal roads and nature strips.

Mount Ommaney became a prestige homesite that offers excellent views of the mountains and the city.

The suburb is also home to the first women’s golf club in Australia, the McLeod Country Golf Club, which was completed in 1969. The original golf club was comprised of 9 holes and a clubhouse. It was later extended to a full complement of 18 holes in 1971.


Photo credit: realestate.com.au

Riverhills is named for its ideal location offering sweeping panoramic views of the Brisbane River. In January 1973, it was mainly marketed by the developer as a suburb for young people with young families, designed with a cul-de-sac concept that focuses on having a quiet environment with lots of privacy. Many of its streets were named after rivers, lakes, and other waterways of the world.


Photo credit: raywhitecentenary.com

Westlake was named by the developers in June 1973 for its nine-hectare freshwater lake. The developers maximised the landscape to give most of its homesites a view of the vast lake.


Sumner was named after the Sumner family who had been farmers and landholders in the area. Though the name was originally given to a road, the suburb later adapted the name in 1969.

Seventeen Mile Rocks

Photo credit: Google Street View

The Seventeen Mile Rocks suburb used to include Sinnamon Park in 1975 as it extended farther west. With the development of Sinnamon Park, the boundaries of the suburb changed and currently, part of the Edenbrooke Estate is in Seventeen Mile Rocks and part in Sinnamon Park.

Seventeen Mile Rocks have gone through several developments under different estate developers namely ECOSSE Investments Pty Ltd, BMD Constructions, Baldwin-Riverlands, and Verandah.

Middle Park

Middle Park was strategically named by the developers in July 1976 to reflect its location in the middle of the Centenary Suburbs. The area offers northerly views of the McLeod Country Golf Club.

Sinnamon Park

In 1989, Sinnamon Park was developed originating from the suburb Seventeen Mile Rocks. The new suburb was named after the family of James Sinnamon and Margaret, who were the pioneer European settlers in the area.

Photo credit: monumentaustralia.org.au

Today, Sinnamon Park houses a memorial dedicated to Thomas Macleod to celebrate his historic flights on 22 December 1910.

Read: Thomas Macleod and the Birth of Queensland Aviation in Sinnamon Park  

These are the historical origins of the names of the Centenary Suburbs. To have a deeper grasp on the history of Centenary, visit Centenary Suburbs Historical Society Inc.

Kerbside Collection Coming to Jindalee: Getting Organised The Minimalist Way

Kerbside Collection is coming to Jindalee on Monday, 28 May 2018 which means that it’s time to get organised.

Organising is probably one of the most daunting tasks especially if you have acquired tons of stuff over the years. Organising and decluttering are considered to be the first steps in living a happier life in a minimalist lifestyle.

Photo credit: CCO Public Domain / pxhere

Kerbside Collection is one of the best ways to get rid of large items lying around the house. It is particularly helpful for people wishing to switch to a minimalist way of living.

The idea is simple, own less and spend more time on things that matter while living comfortably in your home. Whilst the idea may be simple, it may be easier said than done.

Getting rid of things might be tough especially when you are surrounded by stuff that you have bought with your hard earned money. This is where The Minimalists comes in.

The Minimalists, Joshua Fields Millburn (left) and Ryan Nicodemus (right) Photo credit: Facebook/The Minimalists

The Minimalists, founded by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, helps millions of people around the world live meaningful lives with less. The duo devised fun decluttering methods to help people jump-start their road to minimalism. These are the 30-Day Minimalism Game and the Packing Party.

30-Day Minimalism Game

Decluttering may be intimidating for some but this game makes it a fun experience. To start, find someone to play the game with, either a family member or a friend, who also want to get rid of their excess stuff.

Photo credit: CC-BY/Serene Vannoy/Flickr

In the first day of the month, each of you must get rid of one thing. On the second day, both of you must get rid of two things, followed by three on the third day and so on. You can get rid of anything from clothes, furniture, electronics, excess tools, etc.

You can choose to donate, sell, or throw away the things you have discarded as long as these things are out of your house by midnight each day.

Photo credit: CC-BY/_DJ_/Flickr

It is easy in the first week but it gets more challenging as weeks come since you would need to get rid of more than a dozen things from your home each day. Whoever can keep the game going the longest wins.

If you decide to play the game, you can use the #MinsGame to share your story or follow other people’s journey.

Packing Party

Photo credit: CC-BY/Lars Plougmann/Flickr

This is quite an extreme method for decluttering and is very helpful if you are planning to move anytime soon. Whilst it is labour intensive since it requires a lot of preparation, it can be really effective if you practice it.

In this method, it would be great to have some friends over to help you pack all your stuff into boxes as if you’re moving. In the next few months, only take out those items that you use and after about three months, the items left inside the boxes should either be donated or sold.

Photo credit: CC-BY/Nicolas Huk/Flickr

This method can help you zero-in on what you truly need and help you decide on which stuff can go away. You are less likely to miss whatever is inside those boxes since, as they say, out of sight, out of mind.

Decluttering this way can help you save room when you are planning to move-in to a new home since you would only be left with the essentials.

These methods can be handy for those who require a bit of help in cleaning up their home from excess stuff. It is no surprise as to why the popularity of Minimalism is growing so fast around the world. In Brisbane alone, there are already 600+ people who are adopting this lifestyle.

If you want to get started on being a minimalist, check out the Minimalist.org: Brisbane Local Meetup Group on Facebook.

4074 Rocks Rockin’ Jindalee & Centenary Suburbs

Have you seen random decorated rocks in Jindalee and across other Centenary suburbs?

Blame the 4074 Rocks. Members of the group paint and hide rocks as a random act of kindness to bring an unexpected smile to the someone face and pass it on. Each painter posts photos of their rocks as well as the finders.

The rocks are hidden just about everywhere – from parks, to somebody else’s backyard, you can simply find a decorated rock under a bush or along the street. Each rock also comes with a “4074 Rocks” tag.

The craze is catching on and The Jindalee Aged Care Program (JSACP) will be joining! The kids will start painting their own rocks and hide them.

Tracy Schandendorff, the program director, said it all started when their teacher found a decorated rock. This gave her a brilliant idea to involve the kids in the program.

The Centenary Landscapes will be donating rocks for the little artists as well to support the kids’ creativity.

Rainbow Coffee At Piggy Back Cafe In Jindalee

Piggy Back Cafe, a part of the Venzin Group has kicked things up a notch as it changes the cafe scene in the Jindalee shopping strip.

White tables and chairs are situated outside the cafe, ideal for customers prefer to be al fresco whilst enjoying a cup of coffee. Once inside, you’ll marvel at how the rustic styled furniture perfectly blends with the dark blue walls, exuding a calm and cozy ambiance. The large windows surrounding the cafe let in an abundance of natural light whilst whimsical hanging bulbs light up the cafe at night.

The cafe serves an all-day breakfast menu ranging from their red velvet french toast, avo and matcha green tea bagel to a hearty breakfast burger on brioche with fried egg, bacon, avo, spinach, cheddar, smokey mayo, and beetroot relish.

Photo credit: Piggy Back Cafe

For lunch, have a bite of their Piggy Back Po Ham, which contains provolone cheese, ham, and sweet pickle relish on toasted baguette, and it comes with sweet potato fries.

Health-conscious customers can also choose from a selection of salads and healthy meals such as the slow-roasted baby beetroot or the Piggy Back salad. There are also vegan and gluten-free items on the menu.

Photo credit: Piggy Back Cafe

There’s something for everyone and your kids have meals to choose from as well. The Ham and Cheese soldiers is a popular choice. Bring along your four-legged friends and they will be provided with water bowls outside the cafe.

Rainbow in a Cup

What makes the cafe even more popular is their selection of rainbow latte. Their coffee is from Fonzie Abbott. In 2016, Emily Columbis, a barista of the cafe was featured in a news outlet for her creation of colourful coffees.

Photo credit: Piggy Back Cafe

Emily uses food dye and the help of YouTube to hone her creative ideas and just like magic, they became known for rainbow coffee. It is one of the most requested items at the cafe.


Aside from the rainbow coffee, they also have a selection of smoothies, teas, and milkshakes.

Address: 88 Carrugindi Rd.

BUG Calls For Support as New Proposal May Improve Centenary Cycleway Access

The Brisbane West Bug is enthusiastic over the development application submitted by Westpoint Autos on Sinnamon Road in Jindalee. The development could provide cyclists with better bicycle access and improve the safety of riders.

Photo credit: Chris Cox for South West Brisbane

Chris Cox, BUG’s spokesman has said that the bicycle access to the Centenary Bikeway via Sinnamon Road is troublesome during peak hours with vehicles blocking the path.

Should this new development be approved, a new bridge will be built across Jindalee Ck for site access. The cycling group thinks that this is a great opportunity to include an off-road cycle way connected to that bridge that links to the Centenary Bikeway.

The site is zoned as sports and recreation, which means that it must be re-zoned as commercial use hence needing public consultation.

The group has already put in a submission. An excerpt:

“(We) request additional requirements added to this development that any new bridge to provide access to the development site must provide off road cycle access to connect to the Centenary Cycleway and signals located at Sinnamon Road/Centenary Highway intersection, avoiding the current conflict situation with general traffic on Sinnamon Road.”

They also submitted a photo of the site that includes their cycle path suggestion, which they posted on their Facebook page.

Photo of the site from above and a vague suggestion of where a cyclepath could be put through. Photo credit: Brisbane West Bug / Facebook

The group thinks this is the perfect opportunity for the local cyclists to lodge a submission via the PD Online website before it closes on 7 February.

Jindalee Included in Top 10 Sweatiest Suburbs

Queensland is getting hot and certain areas in the state are becoming even hotter than ever. The Queensland University of Technology has just released the Top 10 Sweatiest Suburbs and Jindalee is one of them.

A study by QUT faculty of health associate shows that people in these Top 10 suburbs are at a higher risk of heat-related hospital admissions. This list is affected by several factors such as the average age in the suburb, income and landscape.

The Top 10 suburbs are:

  • Bowen Hills
  • Northgate
  • Brisbane City
  • Jindalee
  • Deagon
  • Archerfield
  • Robertson
  • Camp Hill
  • McDowall
  • Kuraby

The study also shows that suburbs with lower risk of heat-related illnesses have a lot of green space whilst wealthier suburbs can afford air conditioning units to combat the heat.

Queensland Ambulance Service reminds locals to keep cool and stay indoors away from direct sunlight. Children and elderly are the most vulnerable to the summer heat, which is why they advise locals that with any signs of heat exhaustion seeking medical attention right away is important.

Signs of heat exhaustion include headaches, nausea, dizziness and cramping.