Jindalee Woman Nabs Guinness World Record For The Most Dogs Walked

The Guinness world record for the most dogs walked has recently been broken by a Jindalee resident.

Professional dog trainer Maria Harman was able to grab the record by taking 36 dogs for a 1-kilometre walk, all at the same time.

Ms Harman’s plan was to originally walk 40 dogs. However, that didn’t go as planned. One dog didn’t like the grass, whilst the other one got tangled, and the others got stressed. This put her down to 36 and she was victorious.

She took 36 dogs in two straight lines down Wilson Creek Reserve making her the one deserving of this year’s Guinness world record.

Being in the pet industry, Ms Harman focuses on canine behaviour. It is also to her advantage that she knows the dogs very well as she had trained most of them.

In 2016, a man in Los Angeles attempted to snag the same world record by walking 45 dogs. Bob Morris, a professional dog walker who often walk four dogs and more at the same time, attempted to break the Guinness record that same year. However, things took a nasty turn when he overestimated himself and didn’t foresee the problems that occured.

4074 Rocks Rockin’ Jindalee & Centenary Suburbs

Have you seen random decorated rocks in Jindalee and across other Centenary suburbs?

Blame the 4074 Rocks. Members of the group paint and hide rocks as a random act of kindness to bring an unexpected smile to the someone face and pass it on. Each painter posts photos of their rocks as well as the finders.

The rocks are hidden just about everywhere – from parks, to somebody else’s backyard, you can simply find a decorated rock under a bush or along the street. Each rock also comes with a “4074 Rocks” tag.

The craze is catching on and The Jindalee Aged Care Program (JSACP) will be joining! The kids will start painting their own rocks and hide them.

Tracy Schandendorff, the program director, said it all started when their teacher found a decorated rock. This gave her a brilliant idea to involve the kids in the program.

The Centenary Landscapes will be donating rocks for the little artists as well to support the kids’ creativity.

Jindalee Included in Top 10 Sweatiest Suburbs

Queensland is getting hot and certain areas in the state are becoming even hotter than ever. The Queensland University of Technology has just released the Top 10 Sweatiest Suburbs and Jindalee is one of them.

A study by QUT faculty of health associate shows that people in these Top 10 suburbs are at a higher risk of heat-related hospital admissions. This list is affected by several factors such as the average age in the suburb, income and landscape.

The Top 10 suburbs are:

  • Bowen Hills
  • Northgate
  • Brisbane City
  • Jindalee
  • Deagon
  • Archerfield
  • Robertson
  • Camp Hill
  • McDowall
  • Kuraby

The study also shows that suburbs with lower risk of heat-related illnesses have a lot of green space whilst wealthier suburbs can afford air conditioning units to combat the heat.

Queensland Ambulance Service reminds locals to keep cool and stay indoors away from direct sunlight. Children and elderly are the most vulnerable to the summer heat, which is why they advise locals that with any signs of heat exhaustion seeking medical attention right away is important.

Signs of heat exhaustion include headaches, nausea, dizziness and cramping.

Save Jindalee’s Waterways & Creeks by Taking Photos at The Monitoring Post

The Brisbane Catchments Network in collaboration with Brisbane City Council and local group Wolston and Centenary Catchments (WaCC) is encouraging locals to take photos to save Jindalee’s creeks and waterways.

Jindalee Boat Ramp 2002 Photo credit: Queensland Government

They have recently installed a new monitoring point at a pedestrian bridge at Jindalee Recreation Reserve on Wongaburra St., which can help save the local environment. This is why they are encouraging the locals to take photos and create a time-lapse digital record of the waterway.

Jindalee Boat Ramp 2017 Photo credit: Google Maps

According to the network, the photos provide a visual representation of vegetation change over time.

The other monitoring post has been installed on Osborne Road, Mitchelton. This project allows locals to contribute towards the ongoing care of local catchment groups and Habitat Brisbane Bushcare Groups restoration works by taking photos.

You can email your photos at bcn_monitoring@outlook.com

Efforts To Turn The Brisbane River Blue Continue in Jindalee

One question that keeps popping up in Brisbane is, “Why is the Brisbane River so brown?”

Jesper Nielsen Photo credit: Healthy Land & Water

Most people will automatically equate the brown colour to the idea that the river water is dirty or polluted. The colour of the river doesn’t mean it’s polluted or dirty – in fact, it’s cleaner than it’ll ever be. However, seeing it blue does looks more pleasing to the eye, as most people will agree.

A University of Queensland student is determined to turn the water into blue. Jesper Nielsen, who has been planting bacopa in Jindalee, believes that this can change the river’s colour.

Mr Nielsen is close to completing his PhD looking for a solution to the river’s brown colour. His findings show sand in the middle of the river whilst mud is all on the mud banks. According to him, it’s this mud that turns the water into brown as it gets re-suspended continuously by the tide.

Last year, Mr Nielsen built a 10m vertical “turbulence tower” that would help get the job done. The tower consists of a mast supported on a legged base that sits on the river bed. It has a capacity to support various testing mechanisms. He won the research award at the Healthy Waterways Awards gala event last year for this. The tower will help him understand the flow of the river in order to solve its murky suspended sediment issue.

Photo credit: AquaPortail

With his findings, he devised a “cure,” which he said lies with the river’s mudbank and a freshwater plant called Bacopa monnieri. This fresh water plant showed up along the river following the 2011 floods and despite the saltier conditions, it flourished on the river’s muddy shores. Having seen this, Mr Nielsen and his team started replanting the plant to keep the mud on the banks. His timeline? He’s confident that if he gets more people to help, he can complete this project in four years or even less.

Paul Maxwell of Healthy Land and Water said, however, that while Mr Nielsen’s efforts are truly admirable, given the sediment coming down from the upper catchment and from stormwater in urban areas, the problem is more complex. He said that replanting of the plants is a good thing but a wider approach is needed.

In the meantime, the Brisbane River flows on, in all its murky, brown glory.

Bare Bones Society in Jindalee Has Something For Everyone

If you’re looking for simple food around the western suburbs of Brisbane, then you’re in luck. Located in the heart of Jindalee Home is the Bare Bones Society, a place which offers simplicity on a plate but promises wonderful flavours that will suit all types of taste palates.

Photo credit: Bare Bones Society / Facebook

The restaurant caters to all types of appetites – whether you’re living a strict healthy lifestyle, or you’re on a paleo diet, you will find something for you on their menu. They are open as early as 8:00 a.m., welcoming customers who are looking to fill their stomachs with heart breakfast food to fuel them throughout the day.

Here you get served simple breakfast food with a twist from Chai Tea Quinoa and Chia Porridge. There is also a breakfast burger on brioche if you’re looking for something on the heavier side.

Photo credit: Bare Bones Society / Facebook

As breakfast ends, the kitchen starts to prepare for lunch. Try their pulled pork quesadilla with guacamole, tomato and corn salsa, jalapeños, green mole and sour cream if you want some spice.

For something healthier, don’t miss the Bones poke bowl that consists of marinated ocean trout, edameme, cucumber, pickled vegetables and tempura nori with coconut rice.

Photo credit: Bare Bones Society / Facebook

Every Friday and Saturday, they are open for all-day dining, which means that you can have a sumptuous dinner meal here. Currently, they offer modern American dinner.

Try out the grilled sirloin and smoked brisket duo on medley of roasted root vegetables, charged garlic puree and bacon jus.

Photo credit: Bare Bones Society / Facebook

They also serve some delicious bottles of fresh juices and smoothies. They also serve delicious coffee from Toby’s Estate.

You can also pair your meals with beer, wine or champagne.

Address: 22/34 Goggs Road

Expect a Spookier Halloween Home on Carrugindi Road in Jindalee This Year

South west Brisbane, be prepared as a home in Jindalee gets transformed into a spooky place just in time for Halloween. The home is located at 20 Curragundi Road in Jindalee.

For six years, the Horswill family has been decorating their home every Halloween. Walking past it, it really is a spooky sight to behold – red lights adorn the home giving it that eerie glow whilst displays of ghouls and other scary designs lure you to come closer.

This year, though, the family wants to take things a notch higher. All of the family members will be wearing a costume and there will be a haunted tunnel and Halloween soundtrack. There are also going to be a smoke machine and lasers.

Also, this will also be the first time that they will be using a projector which will display holographic ghosts.

This year’s Halloween display may be something but nothing beats their annual Christmas Lights. They raise money from the displays for Mater Little Miracles. All of their children and grandchildren were born there. So far, they have raised approximately $30,000 and their Christmas display has won the annual 4KQ Christmas Lights competition.

But for now, don’t miss out on their halloween display from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on the 31st of October.

Jindalee’s Health St Cafe Is the Ideal Place to Dine with Kids

Health St Cafe in Jindalee seems to be one of the choices of parents in the suburb who are in search of healthy food options for the family. Although the cafe doesn’t necessarily have a kids menu, customers can request to have food reduced to kids-sized portions.

Located inside the Genesis Gym Complex, the cafe is open to non-members. Customers can enjoy the warm, cosy atmosphere inside the cafe, and the exhilarating, fresh air al fresco at the cafe’s patio.

Inside the cafe lies a designated kid’s play area filled with small tables and toys. It is the perfect place to leave your children if you are staying longer in the cafe. The designated play area is meant to keep them busy whilst the adults dine and catch up.

Photo credit: Brisbane Kids

Their delicious breakfast and lunch menu are always freshly prepared. If you have any food sensitivities, there are gluten-free options available upon request.

Photo credit: Health St Cafe / Facebook

Enjoy the huge steak sandwich, salads, and other vegetarian delights on their menu. Items can be cooked to order as well.

Photo credit: Health St Cafe / Facebook

If you’re craving for sweets, try their muffins, cakes, and quiches. Enjoy delicious smoothies and protein shakes for an added energy boost that’s healthy and refreshing too.

Photo credit: Health St Cafe / Facebook

This cafe in Jindalee is definitely the perfect place to go to if you want to indulge in great food without the guilt, particularly if you’re bringing the kids along with you.

Grieving Rooms in Animal Clinics Being Added, Will Jindalee’s 24-Hour Vet Clinic Make Room?

Grieving rooms in veterinary hospitals have been around for a long time but they are not commonly adopted by clinics yet. Only a few animal clinics have grieving rooms in Australia. Now, the newly-opened 24-hour vet clinic in Jindalee, AES (Animal Emergency Service), may have to get itself one as an increasing number of veterinary clinics are starting to adopt the concept.

It seems that grieving rooms are being added to animal hospitals to help pet owners during their time of grief following the death of their pets. Veterinarians Anthony Cassimatis and Ray Baxter believe that grieving rooms will be added to their new centre on Nudgee Rd., in September.

Although pet euthanisations can be done in the homes of pet owners, there are certain cases in which the procedure takes place in a hospital, particularly if the pet is already in the palliative care of the veterinarians. Having a grieving room will promote a better sanctuary for pet owners to freely grieve the loss of their pets without having to go past a number of pet owners at the clinic.

AES in Jindalee is packed with all the equipment and services a pet would need. With its seven consultation rooms, two specialist surgical theatre, medical procedure room and in-house laboratory, you can say that the animal hospital can really provide the best animal care.

Will Jindalee’s vet clinic have a grieving room for pet owners? At this point, we have to wait and see.

Brisbane City Council Grants Jindalee Boat Ramp Upgrade Following the Discovery of Dangerous Needles

Just last month, Jindalee parents were shocked when they found used needles just near a playground.

Residents have come together to protest the dangerous debris and other litter such as loose bark removed from the area. Diana Dale, one of the parents started an online petition to upgrade the Jindalee Boat Ramp playground. She suggested that the ground covering could have underlying dangers that could be harmful to their kids.

She is endorsing that the ground is replaced with synthetic grass instead. The petition has garnered 58 signatures and is already closed.The council has heard their cries as Jamboree Ward Matthew Bourke announced that the upgrades in the area will begin in July until September.

Photo credit: Matthew Bourke / Facebook

The ramp and pontoon will be closed. The works will include the replacement of the floating walkway to prevent it from trapping branches and debris and to improve the ramp for additional safety. The council has also released a list of alternative play areas for locals.

The playground is very popular with the locals and is often busy during the weekends. However, due to the current issue, it is facing, the park receives lesser visitors now. It is expected that the park will get back its usual influx of people once the upgrade is complete.